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Get Your Dose Of Motivation With Marc Oliver’s New Single, “Dreamers”

What do you do when you fall? Get back up. Versatile San Diego-based recording artist Marc Oliver isn't letting setbacks stop him from dreaming, perfectly encompassing this in his latest anthemic single, "DREAMERS."

Seamlessly blending R&B, rock, pop, and alternative into a dynamic sound entirely his own, Marc Oliver uses his sound to pay homage to his upbringing and the many influences that molded him. Having started piano at three and disliking it, his passion for it ignited at the age of sixteen, and it wasn't long before Oliver was recording alongside artists like Avril Lavigne and sharing stages with John Legend, Jewel, and Pat Benatar.

While his previous single, "Outlaw," had us deep into the rough-around-the-edges outlaw life, his newest release, "DREAMERS," is quite different. It's a beautiful, upbeat pop song that glimmers through the speakers with inspirational lyrics that lift you out of any rut. Without further ado, let's dive in.

Hitting play on "DREAMERS," we're met with soft and elegant piano melodies that gradually meet Marc Oliver's smooth and radiant vocals alongside warm percussion and light rock instrumentation. On the toe-tapping hook, Marc Oliver invites us to dream with him of a free world, a clean world, and whatever your heart truly desires.

This uplifting banger continues with incredible vibes; Marc Oliver's dynamic vocal performance floods our speakers with soul on the verse while transitioning to a cheerful pop tone on the hook. And then, we have the soul-soothing bridge, blessing our speakers with a stunning saxophone solo that takes the song's spirit and passion even deeper.

This anthemic, chant-worthy tune is the perfect reminder to never stop dreaming, especially in the darkest nights. Find Marc Oliver's new single, "DREAMERS," on all digital streaming platforms.

You've released an uplifting tune with your newest single, "DREAMERS." What inspired you to write such an upbeat pop anthem?

I do not think much when writing. I step into the moment of my vibe and emotions and write. It all came to me once I started playing these jazzy chords. I was writing a tune for us dreamers and letting everyone remember that it is okay to be a dreamer.

Speaking of pop anthems, what made you transition to this bright pop sound with "DREAMERS," considering one of your previous singles, "Outlaw," leaned more towards alternative rock?

It's weird for me to overthink writing or feelings when expressing myself. I know it's a norm that some writers and musicians stick to, "I usually sound like this, so I need to make it fit into my genre," But I do not feel like making music should bind yourself to a sound. I never considered doing this or that, but just writing what makes me smile. If you look back on history, think about every all-time great, and if you listen to their albums from their first to their last, the sound changes with their lives, moments, feelings, and inspirations. Everything I've been putting out sounds different, but it's still me.

We can't get enough of the soulful sax solo in "DREAMERS." Can you speak on the decision to include this feature and who the talented musician is?

Haha, well... We felt like something smooth would fit in perfectly, and one of my goals is to play on Saturday Night Live, so it seemed like the perfect time to place an homage to SNL... And for who it is. He is a good buddy of ours but wants to remain anonymous. But, if you catch me live, you might see him there.

With a career spanning over two decades, how do you ensure that longtime listeners and new fans enjoy and resonate with your music, especially with new songs like "DREAMERS?"

It has been refreshing to my listeners to keep hearing new sounds and exploring the sounds that I have been releasing. If you hear people's playlists on Spotify, they are derived from many different songs, sounds, artists, and feelings. It does not need to stick to one with any artist. To enjoy the evolution of music through the artists you love is exactly what people need and are looking for. I write and put music out because it makes me happy. That is what people are drawn to.

What message did you want to convey to listeners in "DREAMERS?"

How did you want the song to impact your audience? I want everyone to enjoy the moment this song gives you when you listen. It's fun, refreshing, and feels good. That is what I feel, and everyone will feel the same.


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