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Get Your Energy Up With The "Legendary Visionary"

Reggae-infused rapper Husslaah infuses his music with a pop-hybrid sound derived from diverse musical genres and cultures. Writing and recording his music, Husslaah is steadily growing his repertoire with songs that speak for themselves.

Seamlessly blending genres into catchy, inspirational, and dance-inducing songs, he's a quadruple threat with a multitude of experiences throughout the entertainment industry.

Throwing us in the mix of his refreshing essence, Husslaah brings a dynamic launch into his sound with his latest single, "Legendary Visionary." Fueled by an energetic demeanor, you hear the lilting effervescence that Husslaah so immaculately conveys.

His vocalization has a gritty texture that allows him to stray from the processed and polished resonance, which in turn has him standing out from the crowd. With determination in his voice, Husslaah overpoweringly articulates each word with conviction as his rhyme schemes glide in and out of the beat's pocket. Pervaded with darker nuances and an immense sense of urgency, the styling of the instrumentation accompanies Husslaah's vocals with ease.

You'll catch yourself in the swing of bopping your head to the impeccably timed emphasis placed on each rhyme and with lyrics like, "Coming to you as a Visionary. Be prepared for what's about to carry. It's the baddest no it's legendary. Are you ready, ready - really ready?" Husslaah is cementing himself as an emcee with finesse.

The soul he embodies through his vigorously potent persona has Husslaah oozing charisma. So make sure you put "Legendary Vision" on your favorite playlist and hype yourself up every moment.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Husslaah! Congratulations on the release of "Legendary Vision." We love the energy you place into this record. It truly is infectious! With such a bold song making a statement about who you are, what inspired the creation and meaning of this song?

After listening to the rhythm and tone of the beat, it gave me a Stomp the Yard and Step Up vibe. With that, I knew what kind of song I wanted to create! Some of the mini-stories include some of my friends not believing in me, some people being petty, and also the attention of a few girls. With all this being said, the overall vibe of the song is meant to be uplifting and empowering to follow through on your passions and surpass your own goals and achievements.

If releasing "Legendary Vision" wasn't enough, you also have a remix that's currently out now! What was it like working with Dhol to produce this rendition?

So the "Dhol" is the name of a set of Punjabi percussion instruments. Having these instruments to remix the originally worked wonders for the music video as I had a Bhangra choreographer and dancers along with hip-hop dancers. In high school, I took in a lot of the Indian culture and music and even learned how to sing quite a few songs!

How have your musical influences of Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Ludacris, and Eminem, helped you form your own sound?

Aside from growing up listening to those powerhouses, I hosted karaoke about a decade ago and found that there's an energy within myself that creates a spark in the room where ever I performed. I even won the grand prize at one of the competitions!

We're thrilled to hear about an album brewing on your end! What can you tell us about this project in the works?

Ahh the album! Well, as my EP was more of me testing out my sound with my listeners, the album will be more of a curated ensemble of my experiences, lyrical talent, my high energy, and emotional release.

What's your mission statement as an artist?

It not only takes work, but it also takes patience. Be true to yourself and consistently pursue what you're passionate about. Don't worry about what other people are doing. It takes the time it takes.


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