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Get Your "FREAK" on with TYjAY's Latest Single

Hailing from the boogie-down Bronx, recording artist and singer-songwriter TYjAY gets us in the mood with his sultry and sensual single, "FREAK."

A multifaceted artist if there ever was one, TYjAY's discography spans across genres like hip-hop, r&b, soul, electronic, and pop. With two number-one singles, multiple top ten, and top thirty hits on various indie music charts, TYjAY has amassed a broad following while never shying away from speaking and rapping upon the experience of the LGBTQ+ community.

Now releasing his smooth and sensual single, "FREAK," listeners are able to experience a different side of the determined singer-songwriter as he delves into more of a sultry hip-hop tone for this sweet hit. Not to mention the song's overall hazy and alluring sonic atmosphere; it's without a doubt that any listener will adore the groove and desire of this spicy single.

Listening to "FREAK," the song opens with a warm saxophone sample that's slightly muffled overtop of crunchy radio fuzz. As a snappy hi-hat and a punchy snare begin kicking their way through our speakers, TYjAY joins the party and begins to exclaim his freaky side. We love the desirous and lustful feel of TYjAY's vocals and lyrics, as it truly leaves us in this hot and heavy state.

With sweetened lyrics like "I've got the sugar for your spice," TYjAY offers this dominant and charismatic flair that sends us into a daydream. As the accompanying sonics continue to focus on the sultry saxophone sample, they tap their way to the outro with immense passion and lust.

Get your "FREAK" on with TYjAY's latest single, now available to bump and grind on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic TYjAY. What a spicy and alluring listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "FREAK." What compelled or inspired you to release such a sultry and smooth single like this?

When I finished recording FREAK in the studio, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Lil Kim’s “How Many Licks” track—raw, sexy, and a banger. I really wanted to give my listeners a different perspective of my sound and writing considering most of my successful songs written were in Pop and R&B.

Did you create the sensual production within "FREAK?" How did you create the sonic atmosphere to enhance this sexual and steamy vibe?

Yung Pear produced the beat. After giving it a good listen, I fell in love with it immediately as the sound was so vintage and the beat drop was dope as heck. BrightBoyYorkie engineered the track and really brought the track to life. I have been working with BrightBoyYorkie since 2018–he knows my sound and overall focus during the mixing process and I’ve always been so grateful for the work we create together!

Was it easy for you to paint such descriptive and sultry scenes with your bars and lyrics for "FREAK?" What was your songwriting process like?

I really wanted to explore a more sexual side in "FREAK," all while at the same time discusses some of my romantic life issues. After recording the song, I realized how raw and unapologetic my lyrics were because they weren’t easy to write and execute to such a dope beat. While writing FREAK, I thought about a guy I use to date with; but it was short-lived due to the struggles LGBTQ members have to face in society if they want to fully embrace who they are and who they want to love.

How does "FREAK" stand out from the rest of your discography? Would you say that you're a rather explorative and experimental artist when it comes to the genre and sound of your songs?

FREAK definitely stands out from the rest of my music, but it is no different in focus than my EX-Rated single, another HipHop/Rap song I released in 2019. And Yes! I would like to consider myself an explorative and experimental artist as I wanted to build on my skills within Pop, R&B, and hip-hop. But overall, I try to work with all types of sounds as it will only further my songwriting skills and growth as an artist.

What's next for you?

What’s Next?! I hope to continue producing great tracks; hopefully an EP; co-write with more artists, and hopefully get signed to a label as a songwriter! only time, patience, and a lot of hard work will eventually get me there!


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