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Get Your Groove on with CAPYAC's New Album, 'CAPYAC FOREVER'

The Los Angeles-based multifaceted electronic duo CAPYAC livens the party with their latest 10-track album jam-packed with energy entitled 'CAPYAC FOREVER.'

What's interesting about the electronic duo is their ability to sonically share their many influences and create a unique sound that borders on jazz, funk, and modern electronic. With a variety of regular collaborators, from vocalists to dancers, CAPYAC is truly making their mark on the contemporary electronic music scene.

Recently releasing their 10-track album, 'CAPYAC FOREVER,' CAPYAC opened the listening experience with the groovy and upbeat introductory track, "Losing It." As the song takes off with twittering bird samples, a plucky bassline, and an upbeat drum arrangement, we can't help but tap our feet to the song's irresistible tones. As the warm 80s-like vocal makes its appearance, the beat drops into this overall funky and unique synth arrangement. We can't help but hear influences from trailblazers like Claude VonStroke within CAPYAC's unconventional synth use and irresistible house-like rhythm.

As we jump into the next track, "Take Me Closer," this tune features the enthralling vocal stylings of Ciceley Fullylove that take us back to the funky 70s. As a male lead vocal begins to paint incredibly picturesque and romantic scenes with his passionate lyrics, CAPYAC holds down the sonics with their brilliant blend of modern synthetic sonics and plucky electric guitars/bass to make for a thrilling and groovy listening experience. We adore this song's relaxing and inviting tones, especially as Ciceley Fullylove makes her warm vocal appearance towards the song's end; she offers this heavily soulful and romantic edge to the song that's more than intoxicating.

Deepening the groove with the next track, "Sanctuary," this track features the modern sounds of Slim Jeff and Annabelle Maginnis. As the song takes off with an incredibly modern and warm house approach, Slim Jeff makes his appearance and begins to elaborate on our cruel world and how we must find time to free our minds every now and then. As Annabelle Maginnis takes over on the hook, she serenades us with her ethereal vocals while CAPYAC's bright production glimmers with tones of acts like MK, Channel Tres, and Disclosure. We truly feel lifted after listening to this track, especially as the bold electric guitar and piano make their way in and end the song on an anthemic note.

Spicing up the album with the fourth track, "Best Friend," the song opens with a funky and rhythmic synth arrangement alongside a plucky electric guitar and a smooth bassline. As the mid-tempo song continues to drench us in lust and desire through its crisp and jazzy drum breaks, the soulful female lead vocal makes the experience all the more alluring through the enthralling performance that pays tribute to her best friend. As a beaming brass section makes its way in, the song then transports into this deeply exhilarating sonic atmosphere through CAPYAC's blend of jazz, funk, and modern electronic that truly moves mountains.

Landing on the project's halfway point with "Moontriangle," this song offers more of a relaxed and atmospheric approach to modern-day electronic music. As the song opens with warm woodwind instrumentals and a downtempo drum arrangement, the same soulful female lead takes the song by storm with her intriguing vocal performance accompanied by CAPYAC's dense and piercing bass-like synths that cascade over our speakers like a ray of sunshine. We adore the sultry and sensual feel of this track, as it perfectly balances out the entire album with its relaxed and calming tones that sonically serenade us with each transition and fluttery instrumental.

Livening the album with the next tune, "Open Your Ears," CAPYAC transports us back to the beachside clubs with this energetic and flamboyant house track. As the beat kicks off with dreamy synths and a haunting background vocal, we can't help but continue to tap our feet to each in-depth percussion hit and hazy synth. Through this bright and groovy track, we can hear sonic similarities to the lush stylings of Claptone, especially as CAPYAC fuels the sonic atmosphere with intricate keyboard melodies and brilliant electric guitar melodies that take us onto cloud nine.

Stomping through our speakers with the next track, "Alright," this song smashes our eardrums in an instant with its gut-wrenching drum breaks and the piercing bass-like synths that take us into the underground clubs of Berlin. Featuring the vocal stylings of Charlie Random, he makes the listening experience incredibly savory as he drenches us in his funky and rhythmic approach while describing his unforgettable experience at a nightclub. We can truly feel the nightclub energy of this track, especially as CAPYAC soaks us in their tight electric guitars and powerhouse production that gets us deep into the groove.

Taking us back to the 70s with "Ooeeooeeoo," this song kicks off with a crashing funk instrumental and the brightest synth arrangements that beam like the sun above. As the male lead vocal begins to serenade us, he takes us through incredibly lustful and desirous scenes that yearn for his lover and their touch. We're honestly impressed with CAPYAC's ability to create such an exhilarating and groovy sonic atmosphere that's just as dense as it is stimulating. While they crash our speakers with a tight brass section and shimmering electric guitars, the powerhouse bassline carries the track to the outro alongside CAPYAC's dense synth arrangments and thumping drum breaks.

Sweetening the album with the 9th track, "Blood Moon Outro," this song truly blows us out of the water with its serene and lush melodies that drift through our speakers like an everflowing river. This mid-tempo tune offers an incredibly intricate arrangement of organic and synthetic instrumentals that lift our spirits into a greater and richer stratosphere. We love the hazy and dream-like atmosphere that this song has to offer. Although it's short in time, the sonics truly make up for its length as they sonically serenade us with nothing but passion and serenity.

Closing the album with the outro track, "Simultaneous," CAPYAC closes the album with another dreamy and atmospheric tune that opens with pulsating synths and a mid-tempo house beat. This song is more than intoxicating, as CAPYAC's use of synths and drums makes for a chilling and ethereal listening experience. Not to mention the dreamy vocal arrangements on the hook, CAPYAC perfectly backs them up with their psychedelic tones that flawlessly close the album on an unforgettable note. Not to mention their complex use of organic woodwind and piano melodies, it's without a doubt that CAPYAC has mastered the ability to create a versatile and dynamic house tune.

Get down with the many vibes of CAPYAC's latest 10-track album, 'CAPYAC FOREVER,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're profoundly impressed with the groovy and dynamic listening experience you've delivered with your 10-track album, 'CAPYAC FOREVER.' When did you begin creating tracks for this record? How long was the entire process?

We’ve been working on some of the tunes for almost 4 years. Others were created just a few months before we finished. We like to take our time with some songs, road testing them during shows. Sometimes we abandon songs for years and then randomly come back. We like to work in this way. A bit scattered letting the momentum propel us forward like a cute sailboat.

Did any moment or experience inspire your duo to create the album 'CAPYAC FOREVER'? Or was it simply a spur of the moment?

Who knows where inspiration comes from? All I can say is that, like Ozymandias, our great work will ultimately be forgotten with the passage of time.

What sort of listening experience did you want to capture with 'CAPYAC FOREVER'? How does the album's sound and atmosphere give listeners a better understanding of the music you create?

We were hoping to mimic the auditory sensation that small rodents feel after emerging from hibernation on the first day of spring.

What was it like working with the various featured artists within 'CAPYAC FOREVER'? Have you worked with these specific artists in the past?

It was a blast. Slim Jeff is fantastic and recorded his vocals in the middle of the largest pork party of 2020. Leggybean, Ciceley, Oolaf, and Annabelle, who all contributed vocals, have voices like the moon, like a choir of the moons of Saturn. Zach Yanez, who played percussion, is sexy and single. Sean Lee, who played guitar on Sanctuary, has fingers that scientists are still trying to understand. Logan Kane, who played bass on Ooeeooeeoo and Blood Moon Outro, is a veritable face breaker, and probably has more than 2 arms. Jeff Olson (drums) and Sam Pankey (bass) are like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, if those two had learned anything from the episode with Herbie Hancock.

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating 'CAPYAC FOREVER'? Who would you say are your duo's most significant musical inspirations?

We listen to a lot of music, it is hard to pick out just a few influences. We are never trying to directly emulate a single musician’s work, or even blend two together. We are, as Jimmy Edgar likes to say, just “chasing our highest excitement” and seeing where it leads us.


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