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Getting Rid Of All the "Toxic" Energy, Zigg Theartist Thrives in His Refreshed State of Mind

It’s rare to find an artist with both age and wisdom on his side. Jaron Grant, professionally known as Zigg Theartist, is a multi-talented Hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, PA.

Described as a natural talent and a workhorse, Zigg Theartist is very inventive and true to making music that moves his soul instead of following what other artists are doing at the moment. Persistent and tenuous to reach his goal of becoming a successful artist, he continues to deliver quality content for his listeners to feast upon.

Fresh off the release of his 16 track album, “Toxic,” Zigg Theartist delves into the various avenues of authenticity that drive him to release his creative energy on his rapidly growing fan base. We get the pleasure of touring this album from start to finish as each vibration radiated shines a light on unique energy brought to the surface by Zigg Theartist.

Notably commencing the body of work with spoken word artist Be En disbursing an overflow of passion into “Luck of the Draw,” this poem prepares you for the rollercoaster to come in “Toxic.” Filled with love, breakups, good times, and parties, the words dissected foreshadow the album's quintessence as you immediately embrace yourself for the colossal impact that Zigg Theartist is about to leave you with.

Fitting the direct themes projected into the body of work, we find ourselves enduring unfiltered narratives such as “I Still Love You,” and “Why?” that have us swooning in the presence of Zigg Theartist. We are hooked on the tantalizing sounds of Reggae's vibes while he professes his love or questions behind others' motives which all fall back to the thesis of the album reflecting on toxic traits.

Songs such as “Rolling Up Some Bud,” play upon his lyrical dexterity as he eases the pain with you effortlessly riding the waves of Zigg Theartist’s slick cadences. Plunging into his breezy finesse as he tells a tale of being stressed by the apple of his eye and rolling up some weed to relieve the pain, the buoyancy runs vivaciously through the waves of the sonic elements captured. You also find such subjects coming full circle as the unique sounds dripping from Zigg Theartist, takes a moment to propose such inquiries only to bring us to, “TTF,” a track dedicated to him moving on if the love isn’t real.

Tapping into his vulnerable attributes as he allows himself to get emotional in “None of the Smoke,” “Feed Off Your Energy,” “Feel Right Now,” and “2 AM,” Zigg Theartist takes a various approach to each song in the way he provides a mid-tempo wave of sparkle to his lyrical flairs. Bouncing between not wanting to be a part of a relationship where he has so many unanswered questions, to touching on his curiosity being peaked due to his love interest not answering her phone, he makes it known that he notices when the energy isn’t right but the reality of a backslide happening is sometimes in play when lust perseveres.

“Hit My Line,” “Boss,” and “Phat,” have you entertaining the upbeat vibrations that play upon the mesmerizing tenors issued in the full essence of “Toxic.” As we transition into intriguing anticipation brought on by the buildup of the underlying messages emitted in these tracks, the sequence of energy has the aroma in the air deemed as impeccable. The relatability that is fused into the charismatic appeal of Zigg Theartist has us grappling with our thoughts as a narrative is addressed on the subject of people coming into your life when it’s convenient, but trickling into and unbothered Zigg Theartist leveling up and allowing the people around him to know he’s the boss. Fully shifting into the new single lifestyle he lives in “Phat,” the intensity remains consistent as he sways between life experiences.

In tune with the hunger spread through the manner in which he sprawls his prevailing vocalization through each witty verse, “Jungle,” and “Champions,” thrive in an environment where Zigg Theartist’s tonal distinction has a knack for steering you into spirited vigor. You find yourself navigating through a fusion of old-school Hip-hop tactics as the wordplay exuded screams ‘this is a real emcee.’

Shining a light on the number one song offered from the collection on, “Toxic,” Zigg Theartist emits the authentic grind that he endures as he establishes his name as an artist and entrepreneur. “Baynton,” takes a hold of your consciousness as the infectious grooves pulse through your speakers in an effervescent syncopation of rhythm. Delving into his skillset of melodic hues Zigg Theartist can be heard submerging your ears in vivid timbres the ricochet in the chamber of reverberated bliss. You see just how multifaceted Zigg Theartist is when exploring his avenues of artistic versatility when he is in an element that seizes the embrace of Contemporary R&B.

Coming to the end of this deluxe soundscape with the final piece to the puzzle, “Speak the Facts,” has Zigg Theartist leaving it up in the air as he speaks about everything he has done in his life to not receive the recognition he deserves. Knowing his worth, he lets his lyrical techniques speak for him as he drowns any doubters in the seamless execution he tackles his rhyme schemes with. “Toxic,” closes out and we fully grasp the meaning behind the layout of each track that Zigg Theartist intricately planned out.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Zigg Theartist. We love the sounds you offer up in your latest album, “Toxic.” What inspired the overall concept and title of the album?

My previous relationships inspired the album and the title. In life we go through ups and downs with love this is what formed the album.

What was it like working with your team in order to bring this idea to life? With 16 songs being featured on the project, how long did it take for this body of work to be ready for the public?

The crazy thing is, I produced and recorded and made every beat on this album .. during the quarantine I set up a studio in my home and haven’t let up since. I dropped a previous album in August 2020 and released this album this year in March. So, in between that time is when I worked on and put this album together... no days off.

As a creative, we’re certain the process varies for you as well as other artists. Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing forth the remarkable “Toxic?"

Believe it or not, I was going through a breakup while recording the album. So that process and those days helped form the vision of the album, it was like I was living my truths in each song as time went on.

Do you have any stand-out songs that personally resonate with you more than others at this moment? What’s your reasoning?

Hit my line stands out the most to me and it’s my favorite song on the album. Everything about the song from the beat, the flow, the vibe, and the lyrics .. made it an easy smash!

How have you found yourself growing as an artist through the entire process of “Toxic?"

Yes of course! I felt like this album I was able to become vulnerable and live my truths and for the first time as an artist I got to paint the exact picture that was going through my head.

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