Getting To Know BlackDove

Welcome back to Buzzmusic BlackDove!  How was it for you growing up on the East Coast? What was the biggest inspiration for you musically wise in this environment?

Growing up in the east coast for me specifically southeast I experienced a shift in culture from NY running the game to now my city (Atlanta) speer heading the culture. Artist like Jay-z, Michael Jackson,  bob Marley, and Fela Kutie.

Many artists endure various different obstacles and challenges in their career! What has been the most challenging for you and how have you overcome this?

Most challenging thing for me is finding a great team and people on the same page. Dealing with so called "gatekeepers " has been a big frustration for me, but I overcome because I know my music will help me get to the next level because I have great work.

Let's talk about your music! We loved listening to your record "Walk My Way". It had a nice Carribean vibe to the production of it. Mind detailing the vision behind the single? What inspired you to create this?

The vision was to infuse my American hiphop influence with my Nigerian background and create a unique sound. My cultural upbringing. 

What was your personal favorite element to "Walk My Way" from an artist's perspective?

I love what I did with the hook

Were there any specific arrangements you were going for in "Walk My Way"?

I was looking make sure I had something catchy to have people repeating over and over.

What's next for BlackDove?

I'm currently working on a project in the studio while promoting Walk My Way.


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