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EXCLUSIVE: Getting To Know Chéri Yielle

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chéri Yielle! we're happy to share your music with our readers. New York birthed many legends in the music industry. Tell us how was your experience growing up in a talent-filled city like this? How were you inspired?

Being born in Queens and moving to Long Island as a child, New York reflected so many stories that motivated me to take full ownership of how I write my own. My parents are such a NY melting pot American dream - a young Brooklyn chick with a single mother, and a hard working immigrant from Haiti fell in love and got the house they wanted to raise their kids in so that they could dream the wildest dreams. There's a lot of pressure in NY to be competitive, hungry, persistent, and persevere. There are no excuses in NY because someone else is working hard while you're sleeping. The talent is everywhere, and you learn so much from working together and working to be better. I'm inspired by that passion. I love meeting other artists and seeing other people grow and do great. It's so progressive, and it makes me never want to slack. Progress has to be made somewhere all the time. There are always more ways to grow. There's always something more to say, some other way to say it, some other way to sing it, play it, etc. The idea that there is more and that it's my duty and purpose to go and get it is as energizing and motivating as it is intimidating. It really makes you face your fears or quit, and quitting isn't an option. 

Let's talk about your music. Knowing you fell in love with the co-writer to "In The Sky", how was this connection & chemistry beneficial for you to the emotion presented in the record?

Yeah, it was such a sweet experience to have. We were already in a relationship and he just came to this writing session with me. We wrote it so smoothly, bouncing ideas off each other while the first producer started building the beat. It was like a movie scene, just a pure and sweet moment of fun. So easy to write!  It adds such a sentiment to a relatively light song, but I think I'll always appreciate performing it because it's like a souvenir of the feeling of being in a blissful and hopeful love. That's a lot of real energy that I hope my audience receives and feels within themselves - a moment of joy, peace, and hope. 

You've been through so many struggles and we commend how brave you are to share these obstacles in your life! What has been the biggest lesson you've learned and how has it impacted your career?

There are so many lessons... but I think the biggest one is that you can not control anything outside of yourself... not even what happens to you. You can only control whatever is within the power of your own mind and heart, how you respond to what happens around you, and what you choose to share. There is purpose and connection with those decisions, and that's all you really have. That's the ink you use to write your story, so write it as fully as you can. 

Word is that you have an upcoming video to your singles "In The Sky" and "Off The Rim". What is it that we can expect from these visuals? Do you have any specific concepts in mind?

I'm excited because they actually aren't singles, but the combination of those two really embody the feelings of love and loss that are felt throughout the EP. There's going to be a lot of passion and emotion, and I'm definitely being more vulnerable and putting more of myself out there than my first two videos. I'm excited to share the experience with those who connect with my music in this really transparent way. 

What's next for you Chéri Yielle?

More music, and definitely more live performances. I have new music in the works, so I'll definitely be back at the studio in the fall. It'll be a different side of me and different chapters of the story will be told. Thank you so much for your questions and your support!


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