Getting to Know David Diaz and His Latest Release, "Only I Get Sad"

Welcome to BuzzMusic, David Diaz! We’re totally captivated by your authentic lyric writing. Where did you draw inspiration for the track “Only I Get Sad”?

Thank you so much! I remember people telling me how much they loved "Losing Myself" because they related to the lyrics so much. So, I decided to write about my personal experience with sadness because I knew that it's an emotion that everyone can relate to. When I get sad, I get very pensive and ask myself a lot of "why" and "how" questions until I get to the source of my problems. I wanted to give listeners a chance to hear my inner monologue and see how I deal with my emotions. 

Your sound is incredibly groovy, who are some of your biggest musical influences and why? 

Thank you! My biggest musical influences right now (in no specific order) are Sam Smith, Daft Punk, Charlie Puth, Ian Kirkpatrick, and Julia Michaels. Sam Smith and Julia Michaels are amazing at writing about their life experiences, and I really admire their ability to express those feelings so easily. When I started writing lyrics for the first time, I used to write lyrics that I thought people would want to hear. Now, I write freely and without restraint; embracing vulnerability and writing about what I'm feeling or what it is that I want to communicate to my audience. I admire Charlie, Daft Punk, and Ian because they are extremely skilled producers and songwriters. They inspired me to approach producing and songwriting in both an imaginative and logical way. Music production is a science. There are certain elements that blend well with others and some that don't. There's a methodology to it; a systematic, yet creative, way to build a song from the ground up. These guys definitely know how to do that.

“Only I Get Sad” is exceptionally produced, how did you want listeners to feel when experiencing the song’s sound? 

I had to be careful about what sounds I used when it came to the production aspect. I made sure to use a lot of reverb and echo effects to make my vocals and individual instruments sound ambient and atmospheric instead of punchy and intense like my earlier songs were. When people hear this song I want them to feel a sense of freedom and to know that it's okay not to be okay. This song is about my personal experience with sadness, but it's not a sad song; it's melancholic and reflective. When I was writing this song, I made sure to keep that in mind that people only listen to music for two reasons: A. to fill the silence and B. to hear the message that a song is trying to communicate. So, if my song came on in someone's car, I wanted it to be something that they could jam out to or just chill and vibe with.

Your music is great for the dancefloor! Any upcoming shows in the near future?

Thank you! Yes! I have a lot more live performances planned in the future, but for now, all that has been put on hold until we can all bounce back from this pandemic so we can all enjoy live music again.

What are some goals of yours with your music that you'd like to achieve before the end of 2020?

My main goal this year is to perform more of my music to a live audience. I loved performing at my show last year, but I haven't been on stage since then. I've been busy working on music lately, but I will definitely be performing again very soon! I'd love to release another EP at some point this year too. I already have a lot of ideas for new music, but that's as much as I'll say about that! Haha. Also, I would love to start writing for other artists more often. I love writing my own songs, though there are certain artists I'd love to write for or write with!

Check out "Only I Get Sad" here.