Getting To Know DreadheadTwigg

Hip Hop / Rap artist DreadheadTwigg recently released a music video for his track "Maintain". Check out the video for "Maintain" below! Our team had the chance to chat with DreadheadTwigg about what it was like growing up, new music, upcoming projects and more!

Hi DreadheadTwigg!
Hi BuzzMusic

How was it growing up in a large family? Do you feel like you have more tremendous support for your music?

It was crazy growing up in a large family it was like I had to share everything, and yes I feel like I have great support in my music right now.

Knowing about your rough background, do you think going through the experiences you have gone through has contributed your craft?

It has made my craft easier to maintain and shape into something great.

Some of your influences range from rap icons like Tupac, Lil Boosie, and DMX. How do you channel your influences and incorporate into your own style?

I’ve cross blended my style between all 3 and created my own flow. It’s like I can flow according to however the beat is it’s kinda weird but it’s my style. 

What has been the most challenging triumph you've faced where you feel has turned out to become beneficial for your music and connecting with an audience?

It was actually going out and doing shows in different city’s trying to expand 

Describe your songwriting style?

My song writing style is sort of like real life story telling 

What's your take on Hip-Hop music today? Do you think it's going forward or backwards?

It’s going forward because I feel like I am the future of rap/hip hop

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind your music career?

I plan on making sure the world don’t forget my lyrics and the things I will do in the future as an artist and person 

What's your plan for 2019?

My plan is to make it on the xxl freshman class of 2019 list and also be in position to make music for everybody to hear me out I got a story to tell and I plan on making everybody feel me

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