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Getting to Know Dvfflebvg Ruggv and His Latest Single "PAID"

Can you tell us about the hip-hop sound and culture that’s in the DMV area and how you’ve cultivated your style from your environment?

The Dmv is diverse. None of the local rappers have the same sound. Go-Go is the official music of D.C. while Maryland and Virginia have Trap, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Classic Rock. Heavy Metal and Punk. I wanted to be different, so I didn’t sound the same as everyone else. I pretty much have had a different sound since I was 13. I use hard trap beats with my lyrics and a ton of energy while I flow on the mic. I use a lot of what I have been through growing up with my mom and baby sister and what I have seen and been through in the streets. 

What were your intentions with your single “PAID”?

My intention with Paid was to put it on my Facing Death mixtape at first. I let my Manager and Marketing team hear an unfished version of it and plans immediately changed for it. Paid is now available on all music streaming outlets.

How did you discover the inspiration behind this song?

Well, honestly I’m going to have to say the inspiration was the fact that people take advantage of other people in the street. It’s a cold, dark evil place. So I went ahead and started writing for my song.

What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of creating “PAID”? The songwriting process or the actual production of the song?

Finding the right beat for the energy I had in the recording of the song.

Neither songwriting or production was a challenge, but finding the right beat for the song and my energy could be the most challenging.

We loved the video released to “PAID”. What was the vision you had for the visuals and how does it relate to the song’s meaning?

The Vision was being in the trap cooking up with my business partners not taking shit from no one. It related to the song well. It matched exactly what the song was saying.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Fans can be ready in 2020 because I have 3 major projects I am working on including the visuals for the projects. I’m going to be featured in magazines in 2020 and planning on touring further than the east coast. My paid video is making its way across this country on world star hip hop and I can assure you that it’s not stopping there. I am working hard in 2020 planning to keep giving my fans what they like.

Listen to "PAID" here.



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