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Getting To Know Glashrs

In the United States, Bobby De Mario is well-known for his work as a writer, producer, and upcoming artist. He goes by the name "Glashrs," and he's hoping to make his mark in the music industry. Bobby was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida.

Glashrs was just six years old when he began his musical career. He has a large following in his hometown. Because of his incredible talent, you'll fall in love with him the first time you hear him combine hip-hop and electronic music. The artists recognized his talent in his community. As time went on, he became well-known. "Running" was released a year ago, and he's been making incredible music for the past three years.

Many artists and fans have given him good reviews and awards. In the beginning, he would give his followers goosebumps. Just getting started, he has a bright future ahead of him and will undoubtedly produce something fresh and exceptional at some point in his career.

Glashrs had a lifelong passion for music. His musical adventure began at the tender age of six. It was just a matter of time before he found a way to satisfy his craving for music fans. Music composition and songwriting were two of his favorite subjects.

Before honing his songwriting abilities, he worked with his identical twin sister Cory De Mario to improve his melodic singing, which he did to acclaim from the crowd. Glashrs gained inadvertent fame and attention in his village due to his early love of music.

He recently released his first song, "Running," to present himself to the outside world and meet his followers. Awe-inspiring songwriting propelled him to the top of the local music scene. Grammy Awards or a Billboard song of the year nomination are his ultimate goals.

Glashrs "Running" may be streamed on Spotify.

He possesses the necessary talent, drive, and talents to compete with the finest in the world, and he knows how to make the most pleasing melodies in his singing to please the listeners. Evening rides, beach days, and college reunion parties benefit from his blend of EDM and melodic vocals.

It's just the beginning, and he'll rise to great heights because of his passion and commitment to his profession. 'Running' is the best example of his music. When Cory DeMario and Glashrs collaborate on a new song, they'll reign supreme in the music industry once again. He's a young man with a lot of energy and a desire to succeed on his terms.

For Glashrs, Vero Beach, Florida, is a place where he wants to be the best artist he can be. If you want to be amazed, keep an eye on this up-and-coming artist. Despite his age, he has already established himself as one of the greatest music producers of all time, even though he is just 19.

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