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Getting To Know Josh Kinney

What was it like growing up in a small town in Northern California?

Picture mountain peaks, framed in pine trees, beautiful lakes and mountain streams, the kind of scenes you see in dreams. I had a great time growing up in Westwood, California. Small town of 2,000 people with nearest mall being a 2 hour drive away.  Not one stop light in town. The kind of place where everyone knows your name and nothing goes unnoticed. It’s a tight knit community where I was able to build many great relationships and memories that I will never take for granted.  It was an amazing place to grow up, but I was more than ready for all the greater opportunities that the world has to offer.

What inspired you to make music and why?

Writing music is like meditation for me. It helps me to clear my my mind, to put greater meaning to emotions and experiences that words alone cannot express, to better understand myself and the world, and helps me to envision and project my future. It’s the constant quest for the perfect lyric, melody, music combination. Its art and expression in motion. I always knew I wanted to write music but got a late start. It was the transition out of my undergraduate studies and the search for myself that inspired me to write music. I felt drawn to it and could not deny the urge to buy my first guitar. I began writing songs on the guitar without any idea that I would be good at it, but everything seemed to fall into place. I never thought I’d be able to play guitar and sing nor that I would become a producer one day, but one thing led to another. I plan to have my first album complete in 2019.

Let’s talk about this iconic single “Body Language” what prompted you to write this? What was the whole vision behind it?

Ultimately, when I write music I don’t go in with a preconceived idea of what I want it to be.  I always start off by finding a great chord or progression that inspires an emotion or brings back a memory. Whatever melody or thought comes to mind is then layered over the chord(s) and it evolves from there into a composition. I try to let the song decide where it wants to go. “Body Language” started in exactly that way. It’s the representation of initial attraction between two people and the feelings and thoughts in one’s mind.  No words need be spoken. The anticipation, uncertainty, chemistry and excitement speak for themselves….”Body Language.”

Will you be releasing a music video for Body Language anytime soon?

I am currently working on some ideas for the music video, but it may be some time before I put one together.

What are your plans for 2019?

2019 has big things in store.  I will be releasing one song per month until I complete my album.  The next single “Superstar” will release in all major stores official December 14th, 2018.  Once the album is complete I will begin actively performing.


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