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Getting To Know Pierre Giovanni

We're excited to have you on our Buzzmusic platform, Pierre Giovanni! In what ways has your upbringing and background impacted your music and style? 

My upbringing was tough. I came from a place where you had to watch your back at all times and have to distance yourself from your own folks because you see that they aren’t moving right and don’t have your best interest. My style represents that and the dark times I went through and currently go through daily. It’s dark, aggressive and “heinous”. 

How have you been able to develop your career and artistry since when you first started? 

 I just look at my influence and learn from how they came up and the work they put in. At first I was consistently creating music but felt it wasn’t good and felt that I had to make something trendy. But over time I learned that I have to fit something that compliments me and things that stand out. Last year I was a whole different artist and didn’t know what I was doing. This year I feel like I carved my own lane and created something that people aren’t doing. I’m more wiser In everything I do and I take my time. A rushed product isn’t good. 

Let's talk about your single "Addicted". What was the main theme behind this record? In what ways were you able to personally relate to the song?

The main theme of the record was showing how we are an addict toward certain things that we know aren’t for our best interest and also the things that go on in my community. With me I was caught up in all the women, the materialistics, and all the bullshit that would stray my focus away on things that I was wanted to accomplish. Just being young and dumb and I had to go through certain thing to teach myself a lesson. Also with all that, with the things that goes on in my communities I wanted to highlight the rawness of situations that are bound to happen. Being selfish in situations and looking out for your self is the best option. That and not putting yourself in those situations.

  Did you come across any challenges during the creation of "Addicted"? How did you jump over these hurdles?

Yes, the biggest challenge was actually writing the song because I had huge writers block at the time, I was making music but wasn’t inspired til I made this song. Also my confidence level wasn’t all the way there.  This song helped me gain my confidence and helped me get over my stint of writers block. 

You have a promising future in music Pierre Giovanni! Can you hint to our readers what's next for you?

 Just know I’m working on new music and a mixtape is coming in 2020. I’m working hard to make the best thing I could possibly make. With greatness comes patience. Till then check out my project. “Sleep Paralysis Vol. 2: It’s Dark Out in Fata Morgana” Its on all streaming platforms.


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