Getting To Know R&B Artist Kyn

Hey Kyn! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are blown away at your ethereal vocal abilities on your song “Tell Me How You Feel”. Could you share where you drew inspiration for the track?

"Tell Me How You Feel" was actually a song created but multiple creatives. The producer who made the beat, JR THAliens, already had the hook that is on there now. When I heard it I fell in love with it instantly knew I wanted it. At the studio of the time of us creating the song my little sister Mia and my manager Shew was with me. All of us being in that space I wanted some of everybody's ideas for this song. We were all vibing to the beat and the pens started going. I did the first verse. Shew did some of the second verse. The poem, in the beginning, is all my sister from her poem called MaryJane.

“Tell Me How You Feel” also includes exceptional underlying production, perfectly shaping the track's overall sound. Are you self produced? Or were there other forces at play during the creative process?

So JR THAliens produced the beat and I record with Producer/Engineer Jayo whom is a Songwriter/Producer for Atlanta Housewives Kandi Burruss. Jayo is so awesome and really pushes me vocally. He knows the sound I want and the sound I need sometimes too. lol Grateful for both of them.

After quite the obstacle course with The Voice, you’ve mentioned that you realized how you didn’t have to search for success because it was always within you. What helped spark this realization, and motivated you to jump back into music?

It was both my daddy and my manager Shew. They both saw how hurt I was after my last audition with the voice. It took a toll on my confidence. At that moment I was depressed and they reminded me that God gave me this gift for a reason. Sometimes you have to go get a seat at the table rather than waiting for someone to get up from the seat. These shows sometimes are not looking for people with just talent, but people whose stories are marketable. It took me a while to see that I have the gift and I can make my own music on my own terms. Wouldn't be here without their words of encouragement. 

You continue to be an inspiration for so many independent artists who have endured struggle with their music careers and only push for more. Why do you think it’s important to keep faith and persistence with your dreams and goals?

Philippians 4:13 is a verse I live by. Without God, I would not be here. He gave me this gift. He would not have given me something so powerful and not want me to use it. Knowing that this gift is from him keeps me going and keeps me grounded. Staying persistent is the key to success. Eventually, your time will come when it is destined to be. What is for you will be for you. Don't stop. Keep going.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

2020 I plan to be on the stage more. Connecting more with fans and really taping into performerKyn. I will be working on a 2nd EP that will probably drop next year but we will see. Until then though I have some more music to come. "Tell Me How You Feel" is out everywhere. I just dropped my KynFolk Merch available at Come join the KynFolk gang. 

Listen to Kyn here.