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Getting to Know the Talented Likes of Nick Nittoli

We're thoroughly impressed with your production credits, ranging from Snoop Dogg and French Montana to Corey Feldman. How have these experiences helped boost and influence your career? What have you learned from working with names like these?

Thanks! I think being able to write for a bunch of different artists really expands your writing and producing capabilities. You really have to get into the head of the artist you are writing for and switch up your skillset for each individual artist that you work with. So I think that by doing that so much, over time, my skill set has advanced to the level that I am at today. You always learn something new by working with new and different artists. I've learned to make sure that anything that I write for someone else is essentially good enough for me to keep for myself, or rather that it's something that I, myself would be proud of.

Regarding your solo career, what sort of music/genres do you typically create? Would you say that your sound is rather versatile and explorative?

My artist project is truly the first of its kind. It's a multi-genre artist project where I switch up the genre on almost every song. This has truly never been done before in the history of music artists. I have released a hip hop album, a country album, an R&B album, and have charted on iTunes top 40 charts in R&B, Hip Hop, and Metal recently. I am really trying to open up the lanes for new artists, and kind of break the chains and boxes that we as artists have been put into. If I want to do pop, I'll do pop. That doesn't mean that I can't release a hip-hop song the next week, or even a country tune. I like the break barriers and that is exactly what my music is doing right now.

In just under three years, you've managed to amass a broad following and millions of streams/views. Why do you think your music has been so successful in such a short period of time? What makes your music different and stand out from others?

I am very proud of that! I have worked immensely hard over the years to get to this point, and I would be lying if I said that hard work and perseverance had nothing to do with it. Along with a great work ethic and consistency. I think that the people were ready for something new and that my project gave them that in a lot of ways! I am the only artist that I know of, who has released as much music as I have in such a short period of time, and the only artist that I know of who switches genres so that people don't get bored of the same old thing over and over again. I think it's a huge part of my success.

Could you elaborate on the inspiration and creation of your latest single, "Place For Us?" How can listeners get to know you better and more personally by way of this single?

Yes! I love this song! It's one of my favorites from my catalog. I wrote it just as a stream of consciousness and was basically asking myself these deep questions about where we go afterlife on earth. A lot of the lyrics are me literally just rummaging through my thoughts to find an answer, and even the performance of the lyrics is presented in a very conversational type of fashion. I truly don't have these answers about where we end up, whether it's heaven or hell, and I think that most people don't either. Therefore, we are only left to question and wonder what our future holds after this life. I am very surprised that there are not more songs like this, or about this topic seeing as it is a pretty important one. I think listeners are getting a page directly out of my journal on this track and kind of seeing into the mind of Nick Nittoli. I was as honest and forthcoming as I have ever been on this record and I think the message came through, and that the lyrics show that.

What's next for you?

Well, I have a new album dropping next month called "Self Untitled" off Warner Chappell music/bump into genius and it will be one of my best albums so far. There will be like 20 songs on this album, all of which I am very excited about and anxious to release. I also have a few new music videos dropping soon. One of them is for my single "Charlie Sheen," and I am ecstatic about this music video, it's going to be one of my best yet. Other than that, a lot more content is on its way. Music interviews, like this one, a few new sponsorships, new singles, etc.


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