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Getting To Know Trip

Welcome, Trip! we're happy to have you here with us on our Buzzmusic platform. In what ways has the many challenges you've faced as an artist benefited in your growth? 

Between everything that I been through in the process I have learned that the ability to have more patience. I understand you that it shouldn’t be a limit to patience but it also is going to take drive to get it done. 

What's your personal favorite thing about writing? how would you describe your songwriting approach?

My favorite thing about writing is the freedom in it. Nobody can tell you how to be you. Well they can suggest but your still free to do and mend what you want. When I write though I usually point out the topic and start building around that. Write a few lines then select a beat and finish the process 

Were there any specific lyrical arrangements in "Situation"? What was the main theme behind this song?

Situation had no special arrangement. I was actually at my studio and just started freestyling and that’s how the hook was made. I then started the rest of the process.

In what ways were you inspired to create "Situation"? what was the most challenging aspect Trip? 

Really hearing what was being created and knowing how it really happened helped with the process though it sounds like a thrown together process it really had a lot of first thought meaning. The most challenging part was the flows that I chose to use. 

What can we expect from Trip in the fall?

A lot more videos, Vlogs, new music and more success.


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