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Getting To Know Young Socrates

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Young Socrates! How has the journey been for you so far as an artist? What specific trials and tribulations you’ve faced that has essentially served you beneficial lessons for your career?

My career has been all over the place like I told y'all the last interview being independent puts a lot of pressure on your back noticed that a lot of the people around me weren't willing to put in the work it takes to get to the next level. I stopped making music and for the summer, I felt like I needed a rapid change of scenery so I packed up and moved to Arizona. I put out energy before the big move as a reminder for what I need to come back to. Arizona was a life changer for me I met a lot of cool people and learned a lot about myself.

Let’s talk about the release of your single “Energy”. This song was a killer! What ultimately inspired you to create this single and why?

Energy is a survivors song it's a song about never giving up and pushing through the bull shit and that's what my next ep is mostly about. I needed a change from my previous release so I locked in with my buddies from my group real names only, the producer Je$$ made the magical beat in like 12 minutes on my laptop and Jett tha kid recorded the most honest rap verses in the history hip-hop. I love collaborating because it always makes for a better product and energy is easily one of my better songs because of that.

Who would you consider one of your main influences for your artistry? In what ways have they inspired you?

Were there any major changes in “Energy” from your previous releases? Less cluttered, more singing, brighter and more a familiar pop chords. the music is less edgy and more traditional my next project is going to be a lot easier to digest than the last one. The vibe is also a lot more positive than all my previous songs, I was in a dark place when made kill the gods and I fill like my next project needs to be the exact opposite of what kill the gods was. I think energy is the perfect start to this new chapter of my life.

What can our readers expect from Young Socrates this fall?

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