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“Ghost Town” - Moses Mikheyev, A Song That Brings Emotions To The Surface

Russian-American artist Moses Mikheyev specializes in Rock and Pop music and is expecting to release his debut album in late 2019 title “Songs For Another Girl”. “Ghost Town” is the first released single off the album and is available for streaming and downloading.

Prepare to feel a rush of emotion, as “Ghost Town” really hits home with the touching lyrical compilation combined with the pop rock sounds that are scattered throughout the song. Moses has a lower register when he sings, but is still able to perform the lyrics and notes with passion while embedding himself in the song to help draw listeners in as well as trigger any emotional response from his audience at the same time. I personally felt that I was able to connect with the very special meaning behind the lyrics as they are extremely relatable to feelings that people encounter on a day to day basis. “My lights are all out, I feel like a fucking ghost town” is one of the metaphors that Moses uses to help deliver his message of feeling alone, almost empty and needing that personal connect that can be found from interacting with other people, feeling love, but the meaning is definitely open to interpretation, in my opinion. Overall, Moses has done a fantastic job creating a song that is full of vibrant sounds and smooth vocals that deliver a difficult message to those who need reassurance that they are not alone – that feeling like a “Ghost Town” can stop if someone can just “Turn the fucking lights on”.

Check out "Ghost Town" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Moses! What a unique sound you have created! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I was born in Krasnodar, Russia and immigrated to the United States right before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Like many millennials, I spent my childhood years listening to Backstreet Boys and whatever else was on the radio. As a teen, I got into a lot of rock, both old and new. I listened to The Scorpions, Creed, Staind, Lifehouse, Coldplay, etc. Eventually, I got into heavy metal and hard rock. I learned to play guitar around the age of twelve. I'd listen to bands like Red, Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, but I'd be writing very folk pop songs on guitar (a la Jack Johnson). Anyways, I was a weird kid. I never cared about genres. Whatever the mood dictates, I listen to. If I’m going clubbing, it’s pop music and hip hop I’m listening to; if I’m feeling annoyed, I’ll turn on some classical music or some folk music. If I’m at the gym, it’s obviously Breaking Benjamin (or something really, really loud and aggressive). Hell, I even like Celine Dion. Shit, she can sing.

Can you tell us what the creative process has been like while recording “Songs For Another Girl”?

I recorded the first song for the album back in 2013 or 2014. It was a folk pop love song called Lovestuk. I ran out of money because I spent $20,000 recording a full-length album with my college band; we called ourselves Brother Monk (the band is now very much defunct, and the album is no longer available). I moved to Atlanta to do graduate work in the philosophy of language at Emory University. At the time, I, more or less, put music on hold. Then, around 2016, I got antsy and headed back to Spokane, Washington to record with the legendary James Hill at Amplified Wax Recording Studio. His most notable achievement to date is working on Zedd’s Clarity. In 2016, I recorded a demo that is still available on Spotify and such called Dancin’ All Night. It’s a fun, folk pop song. It’ll probably be re-recorded, remixed and remastered for this upcoming album. At the moment, I have a few other songs that are, more or less, ready for release. In fact, I just dropped another single, this one in the genre of R&B/Soul, called I Keep Seeing You.

Is there a personal meaning behind “Ghost Town”?

Ghost Town was written six months after a break-up. In addition, I had a friend going through a nasty divorce, and I wrote it with him in mind. I told myself I had written enough tender love songs that I needed to do something a little bit different. Ghost Town is a kind of “fuck you” to the world. It’s a refusal to go down with the ship. It’s about being okay and alright with who you are and not hinging your identity and self-worth on what someone else (a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, whatever) thinks. I think a lot of people resonate with feeling like a ghost town. I mean, it’s not unusual to feel like all of your lights are out (to reference the song’s chorus). And, sometimes, instead of crying and sobbing and whining about it, you should just get up, raise a middle finger, and move the hell on.

Are there any musical inspirations that you draw creative ideas from?

I listen to too many bands. I really don’t know how to answer that. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop, and I’ve had Blue October’s I Hope You’re Happy album virtually on repeat. Not to mention, I’ve had Kevin Gates’ shit on blast. “I got six jobs, I don’t get tired.”

Tell us what we can expect to see from you next in 2019.

I already mentioned my R&B/Soul track I Keep Seeing You. It’s a romantic duet I sung with my older sister. The song was released June 7th, 2019. As for the next single, I think I’m going to wait a few more months. I have, like, three songs I can release right now, but I don’t know which one to drop. One is a folk pop song; another is an acoustic folk song; and another one is a cover of Steve Earle’s Every Part of Me. I have no idea what’s next. It depends on audience response, I guess. If they like my mellow and romantic stuff more, I’ll probably drop a tender love song next. If they like Ghost Town more, I’ll drop something upbeat and fun again.


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