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“Giants” By Rocket Is The Danceable Rock Track You Need To Hear

Based in Los Angeles, Rocket is an energetic pop-punk collective. Compared to the likes of Social Distortion and Paramore, the band is comprised of Janelle Barreto (Lead Vocals), Eric Wibbelsmann (Guitar), Steve Kilcullen (Guitar), Jordan Lawson (Bass), and Paul DePatie (Drums). Formed in 2013, the band has shared the stage with notable acts such as Bow Wow Wow, Alien Ant Farm and Puddle of Mudd. Their debut single “Giants” is out now and new visuals for the single are set to release later this year! Stay tuned.

Storming through the speakers with nothing so much as an introduction or a moment of quiet, “Giants” is a brilliantly upbeat and deeply thoughtful punk song. With its fast-paced power-chords and the often grunge-soaked nature of the leading melody leaning in a more rock direction. “Giants” is about the feeling you get when you accomplish something as a team or with a community. The lead singer Janelle appears immediately connected to the subject matter at hand, you can hear this in both the lyrics and the energetic manner in which they’re presented. With the song being barely three minutes long, the intensity and realness has to reach out and grab you, and that’s precisely what it does. Topping it all off perfectly is the grit and urgency of Janelle’s vocals. A brilliant debut, we can’t wait to hear more from Rocket!

Listen to Rockets' new single “Giantshere!


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