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Gigi Rich Finds Her Silver Lining

"Silver Linings" by Gigi Rich, released today is a funky R&B/pop tune that will have you strutting yourself down the street or around your house; wherever you are you’ll be doing it with attitude and confidence. Gigi voice is smooth and harmonic and is backed up by a soulful beat and rocking guitar. The chorus is silky and rhythmic, treating listeners to a hip grooving, toe tapping and hand clapping moment throughout the song. "Silver Linings" gives you whiffs of artists like Amy Winehouse, Solange and Lady Gaga and Gigi fits right into the female R&B powerhouse category. A definite tune you're going to want to add to your feel-good playlists!

Growing up in New Jersey, she fell in love with the soul of Alicia Keys and discovered her own voice and musical ability. Gigi started writing and preforming her own songs, preforming on stage at the iconic Apollo Theatre in New York City and participating in professional song writing circles, receiving awards and accolades for her work. Her style is influenced by iconic artists such as James Brown, Amy Winehouse and Frank Sinatra and by adding her own life experiences into her music, Gigi Rich is creating original songs that highlight her soulful, powerful and intense voice. This busy artist is currently completing her next EP which will defiantly be one to watch for and turn up on your headphones and stereo!

Listen to "Silver Linings" here and get to know Gigi Rich in our exclusive interview below!

Gigi! Congrats on the release of your new single "Silver Lining", tell us a bit about it!

Thank you! This song was actually written in a relatively short period of time, and I didn’t know if I was emotionally prepared to write it.  It is about a time in my life I would try and block out, but my mind was always drifting back to it. I was sort of stuck in a loop. This song has been my silver lining in a weird way, making me realize that when dealing with the difficult times in life, I still had my music. It’s basically about someone I fell for - way too fast, so fast that they forgot to drop all of the dozen other people that they were still involved with in some way.

When preforming your newest single, ‘Silver Lining’, how does the song make you feel?

Now I can sing it and feel good. I’ve had the time to process. I still tap into that emotion but it’s not so heavy. I also love the groove so it’s a blast to play live! 

With such a busy schedule juggling school, recording and preforming, how do you carve out time to write?

It comes naturally. Sometimes I am not so great at balancing my schedule and JUST want to write, even when I know I have other things to do. But everything that I’m doing leads me to meet new people and experience new things which inspires me, and then I’ll sit down and write it out! 

As you near completion of your next EP, what are you most looking forward to?

I want to tour soooo badly! To get out there and meet people and share my music in a live setting. I want to get these songs out into the universe. It’s been torture waiting! 

How do you keep your voice poised and ready to hit those powerful notes?

I have been training for a long time, and have created practice routines for myself that keep my voice in good shape. Everybody knows to warm up before they sing, but the “warm down” is super important for me. Nerves/moving around can make you push a little bit during the show. I also drink a ton of throat coat with like 7 pounds of honey. That stuff is the bomb.

What atmosphere do you create for yourself when sitting down to write your music?

I don’t really have a particular atmosphere that I need. I guess I like when the energy around me is calm. I have my little USB mic or my phone right by me that records everything because I’ll sing something I like and then immediately forget!  It’s the worst feeling. During cowrites, oftentimes the energy in the room can kind of steer the direction of the song so in those situations, I like to take the time to break the ice and get to know the people I’m writing with.

What's next for you through 2019?

Continuing to release music, touring, and definitely doing some shows here in LA. Just keep working! 


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