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Gigi Rich Shares a Sense of Clarity With Her Recent Single, "Sober"

From New Jersey to LA, pop artist/songwriter Gigi Rich drops her enlightening single, "Sober." Through many features with us, we've seen Gigi Rich grow into a poised and creative young artist who continues to speak her truth. With iconic influences like Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and more, Gigi Rich's music will undoubtedly leave its mark on you. Especially with her latest single "Sober," where Gigi Rich went into detail and explained the theme of an 'addictive' feeling towards someone she once loved. Rounding out the song with a killer beat and thrilling pop production, Gigi Rich reaches out of her comfort zone and rises into greatness.

"Sober" opens with airy ghost vocals and a soft pop beat. Gradually growing wider in production with an added bassline, we're instantly up and moving with this song. Gigi Rich begins singing a true story of love and loss, as she explains that her preceding significant other was never the cure, but what she was addicted to all along. Gigi's vocals are delivered flawlessly; with each breath she takes and note she sings, we can hear the sense of relief within her voice. Reaching the hook, we can feel her Lady Gaga influence as the beat sounds as though it could've been a perfect fit for Gaga's "Chromatica." The production perfectly backs up Gigi Rich's illuminated message full of wisdom and growth, while "Sober" lets us realize what we need instead of want, and gives us the ability to love with clarity.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Gigi Rich! We'd like to note the amount of growth we've seen from you, and how you indicate this on your single "Sober." When did you realize that you needed to create a song surrounding some realizations you've had?

Hey, thank you for having me back! This song actually came pretty naturally to me after experiencing one too many major disappointments on a personal level and realized I needed to understand how I kept ending up in these situations. I was attracting the same person in different forms, and I kind of ignored the signs until something disastrous happened. It’s a hard cycle to break. 

We love the vibrant pop production within your single "Sober." Did you work with any producers that helped bring your sonic vision to life during the creative process? What sort of tone or theme were you going for regarding the production? 

Yes! I worked with an amazing producer - his name is Trevan McClure. This song was originally written as a ballad. I brought it into the studio kind of unsure where to go with it in production. I really thought it would end up being just a piano/vocal, but we started talking about what current music we’ve been listening to, and the sound I wanted to create for myself. We then found this 80’s pop synth that we were both instantly attracted to, and It grew from there! I like when songs have darker lyrical content with very upbeat production - and this gave me that. 

Within "Sober," you capture such detailed lyrics of moving on from past love. How did you write such accurate lyrics that fit your emotions, and did you find a sense of closure after releasing this song? 

I wrote the hook first, and I wrote it very quickly! So it was just taking that, building around it and kind of telling the story of what’s going on in my head. For this song, I wasn’t too caught up in saying everything in some metaphorical way, and wanted to be straightforward and just clearly say what I wanted to say! I did get a lot of closure from releasing this song. Putting it out into the world was important because I never got the closure I felt I needed. So - I closed that door myself.

With your previous interview with us, you mentioned that moving from NY to CA helped you artistically loosen up and live in the moment. After realizing this, did you make any changes to the way you write your music, and what you write your music about?

I still write about the same things, as you get older emotions just intensify. You start to see your bad habits and figure out what you’re becoming as a person, and if you’re happy with it. You experience different people and things, and for me, I write about that as a means of understanding myself. I guess in a way I do write music differently - it’s way more unfiltered. 

What's keeping you inspired in 2020?

Releasing this new music has really kept me going when I start to think too much about how much of the world is essentially shut down. Also, focusing on my health :) Just happy to be here!



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