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Gina Falcone Strikes a Chord on Her Latest Single, "Options (feat. Dreci)"

Hailing from Orlando, FL., the R&B artist and Singer/Songwriter Gina Falcone releases a reflective groove with her single, "Options (feat. Dreci)."

Constantly working to develop her craft, Gina Falcone molds elements of soul and R&B into this modern and serene wave of sound. Blending the old and the new, listening to Gina Falcone's music is a truly unexpected experience. 

Her recent single "Options (feat. Dreci)" features Gina's heavenly vocals singing the sour truths of an unhealthy relationship, while she boosts herself up better than any man could. Not to mention the tight and soulful sonic arrangement, Gina Falcone has truly outdone herself with this sweet-sounding single. 

"Options (feat. Dreci)" begins with Dreci's vocals muffled over a mid-tempo drum arrangement. She talks playfully about how she has her options, and shouldn't be wasting her time on people who don't fulfill her emotional needs. Once the entire beat sets in, Gina's vocals are so angelic and pure, we can't help but feel something deep in our hearts after being put in a trance with her natural talent. 

Dreci adds minimal yet needed texture to the track, layering her vocals in the background and offering a gentle back and forth dynamic between her and Gina. The soft production gives the track this edge of genuine emotion and passion, which we can feel from Gina Falcone's confident delivery. 

A beautiful R&B track that reminds the listener of self-worth, Gina Falcone's "Options (feat. Dreci)" gives us something to reflect on during the darkest of nights. 

Hello Gina and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. What pushed you to create such a mesmerizing yet honest single about the hardships of love with, "Options (feat. Dreci)"?

Well, it was more a realization of being treated less than I deserved, and I felt that others, especially females will feel this track. How did you and Dreci work off each other to reach your end goal for the single? What was your collaborative process like, and how did you two help each other out during the process?

So Dreci and I had not worked together previously. We sent her over the track and asked her if she was feeling it and if she wanted to put a verse on it. We met up at a studio to record her verse and it just flowed. I loved her interpretation and how she went off of the vibe I was giving. The song became this whole other level of empowerment after she put her flare on it. How does your single "Options (feat. Dreci)" stick out and differ from the rest of your discography? Do you touch on different lyrical themes in this single, or maybe you experimented with different sonic arrangements? 

I would say Options has more of a 00’s yet modern R&B vibe compared to the rest of my music. It has more of a commercial sound. I wrote this song with one of my friends, Khalil who is an amazing writer and artist who always has me lyrically and vocally thinking outside of my comfort zone. So he definitely has me experimenting with different themes and sounds.

You've mentioned that you're continually working to develop your craft and sound. How have you seen your music evolve since you first started creating?

If you go back and listen to my other music then listen to Options, you can definitely hear the evolution of my sound progressing. Constantly challenging myself to think differently. Growing as a person and accepting changes allowed me to channel my growth into art.  What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

To be honest, 2020 has been very uninspiring but the key is to adjust and keep pushing to create through any uncertainties. What has been keeping me inspired is the fact that creativity heals, so we can’t give it up. 



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