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Gina Falcone Uncovers a Raw Version of Herself in Her EP, “Stay Weird”

February 19, 2020

Gina Falcone releases her expansive and melodic EP titled “Stay Weird”. An iconic project that exhibits every element of a great EP. “Stay Weird” begins with the intro titled, “Mind My Business”. This song a vocally dynamic opener to this EP that showcases Gina Falcone’s professional skills. Although the purpose of the song is intended as an introduction, the vibe was so riveting and invigorating that we forget its original purpose. “Leave Me Alone” has dramatic piano instrumentation. Gina’s exceptional vocal articulation makes this song memorable. The song, “Leave me alone, just leave me alone, I’m gone” is the hook. She sings in a harmonically-rich and light saddening manner. Although passion is expressed in this specific song, the emotional conviction in “Feels Right” is tremendous. Gina Falcone is focused more on the soul of this song as opposed to previous songs.

“Feels Right” is an indulgent and texturized arrangement of layered emotions. Gina Falcone reveals a vulnerable side in “Feels Right”.  She keeps the passion alive in the next song “Fall for you”. “Fall for you” is a personal favorite of ours due to the infectious melody in the hook. The beat still focuses upon R&B melodies mixed with hard-hitting bass that is the perfect mix. It is easy for us to understand the concept behind this album. There is a range of themes, but a common thread is the art of love from the perspective of heartbreak and distrust. This theme shines in the sentimental song “Over It”. This song talks about a fallen relationship and broken loyalty.

“Over It” is a song that many people can relate too. We would most definitely select this as one of the top three songs on this album that could be used as a leading single! “Stay Weird” ends with the song “Best Of Me”. This song begins with an interesting dialogue that states ‘I’ve learned to disconnect my mind’. The complex lyricism continues throughout the song, giving us insight into the introspective songwriting skills of Gina Falcone. “Best Of Me” is a song about identity and relationship complexities. The song speaks to the uncertainty in giving the unguarded and raw version of yourself to a special someone. Gina Falcone combines honest songwriting with a saucy vocal texture. The vocals are accompanied by scenic R&B beats to enhance her position on love. The chemistry, the authenticity, and the vibes in “Stay Weird” are combined to curate a stand-out EP.

Listen to “Stay Weird” by Gina Falcone here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Gina Falcone! How has it been growing up in Orlando, Florida? What influenced your love for R&B?

Growing up in Orlando, we weren't really known for art. I would say the past 10 years there has been a surge of talented people wanting and looking for artistic outlets. That built this incredible platform that has started to be acknowledged outside of just Disney. What influenced my love for R&B was definitely the type of music that was played around the house growing up. Soul and R&B I feel is my musical core.

Congratulations on your EP release of “Stay Weird”. We witnessed many themes throughout this project but we would love to hear from you what the main vision you had for this EP. What inspired you to create this EP and what’s the lyrical meaning behind most of these songs?

What inspired me to create this project was the self-evolution I was feeling. I was growing, and going through alot constantly feeling weird. It was about accepting the changes and growth. The vision is always staying your true self. The lyrical meaning behind the songs is the true emotions I was feeling and needed to express. Hoping that it could help someone else as well.

How challenging was it for you to channel in certain emotions for these songs? Certain songs like “Fall For You” and “Over It” had a strong emotional conviction behind it!

Channeling the emotion in both of those songs was easy because it was true stories of mine and true feelings I channeled into my art.

Can you detail to us your creative approach towards the arrangement of the “Intro (Mind My Business)”?

So I came to one of my producers @realstevi with the lyrics and we created the beat. Stevi and I have this musical connection where we are always on the same page and just work really well together. We built the beat around a sample of my own vocals that created that sound you hear at the beginning of the song. Mind your business was really fun for me because I love exploring and trying different things while in the studio.

What's next for Gina Falcone?

Performing at SXSW in Austin, TX next month, more performances, traveling, and of course NEW MUSIC!



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