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Gina Naomi Baez Releases the Perfect Christmas Hit with “Winter Wish”

After receiving viral applause due to her parody remix of Truth Hurts x Lizzo, Gina Naomi Baez has released her latest single titled “Winter Wish” and everything about this song captivated me fully! From her delightful vibe to her passionate delivery all the way down to the seasonal production, “Winter Wish” is like Christmas meets pop! The striking melodies in the chorus create a nice memorable effect. It’s like song glue sticking to your brain as you listen to “Winter Wish”. The lyrics were joyful yet charming as it had this romantic type of aesthetic to it.

“Winter Wish” was a flawlessly written and beautifully arranged record that completely had us intuned with every aspect of the track. There’s obviously no surprise that Gina Naomi Baez made a huge impression on the general public and Lizzo herself when she released her parody of “Truth Hurts”. However, Gina Naomi Baez is proving to everyone that even with her original music she can still manage to captivate your attention and garner great buzz around herself. “Winter Wish” is a fantastic offering from a rising star who has already made an impact on her career by creating an everlasting impression on the market, industry, and us!

You can listen to “Winter Wish” by Gina Naomi Baez here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Gina Naomi Baez! How has your career changed for the greater since your viral video of Truth Hurts?

Since the Truth Hurts viral video it has been a complete dream! The most valuable things were gaining more of a loyal fan base on all of my platforms. To have people from all over the world who are enthusiastic, supportive and excited for what’s next means the world to me.

What was the vision you had for your record “Winter Wish”?

My Vision for Winter Wish was I wanted the listener to feel as if they just woke up in a magical, whimsical winter snow globe and the only thing that’s missing is their special someone.

What was the most challenging aspect for you when making “Winter Wish”?

When making Winter Wish I think the most challenging was combining the pop influences with the Christmas feel. I didn’t want it too cheesy Christmas but I still wanted that whimsical feel.

How would you detail the arrangement in “Winter Wish” and what was your favorite element to the production of it?

With Winter Wish I started with “Christmas glittery magic” and then layered on a pop/trap beat to give it that extra current feel. But I think my favorite elements of the production are the background vocals. I think the song gets a lot of depth from the background vocals and adds a special warm quality to the track that lends itself to a holiday song.

What’s next for you Gina Naomi Baez?

I am working on more YouTube videos, I have a single

coming out at the beginning of this year and I’m working on my 2nd EP which will be released in early spring!



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