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Give a Warm Welcome to Ravyyyy and Her Conceptual Music Video, “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up”

Coming in hot from Los Angeles, the sassy R&B Artist and Singer-Songwriter Ravyyyy releases a gripping and conceptual music video for two of her singles, creating the video titled, “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up.”

Ravyyyy is fresh to the music scene, but her vocals and tunes make it seem like she’s been around for much longer. Settling upon her third year in California and continuing to chase her dreams, we can sense that they might be closer than expected, as Ravyyyy’s music causes an inevitable pull towards more of her sweet R&B stylings.

With her recent music video titled, “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up,” Ravyyyy decided to execute a video that covers two of her most well-received singles, being “Rollin In a Benz” and “Pull Up.” The two songs offer a similar vibe yet with different lyrical approaches, making for an intriguing music video that tells the story behind these two warm and sensual singles.

The music video for “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up” begins with a shot of Ravyyyy scrolling through her feed, only to find her man flaunting his workout routines as she calls up a friend to get her out of the house. The first half of the video features the empowering single “Rollin In a Benz,” where Ravyyyy and her girls are soaring through the Los Angeles side streets with their heads out the sunroof and snapping memorable polaroid pictures.

As they begin to pull up to the Liquor Mart, the next track, “Pull Up,” starts playing with a similar warm R&B tone as the track prior, except this time around, Ravyyyy spills her sensual desire and waits for her significant other to come through. While Ravyyyy and her girls continue to dance around the store accompanied by two young men, the video takes a turn where Ravyyyy meets her man in a darkly lit car, and the rest is history.

We must note the incredible editing within the video “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up,” from quick polaroid shots to blazing visuals and effects. Ravyyyy has truly outdone herself with the execution of this video while also shining a light on the two sweltering singles at hand.

We’re truly captivated by the brilliant execution of your music video titled, “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up.” Why did you want to create one music video for two of your singles? 

When I started laying out which songs were going to be on my upcoming EP, Rollin in a Benz was one of my first choices. It’s short so I wanted to use it as an intro to the project. It was suggested to me to do the 2 songs in 1 video first and after thinking about it, it just made sense that that was the right move. I wanted there to be structure and a story to the visual and one song wasn’t enough at the time. We really wanted it to be like a movie without the dialogue. It’s very rare that any upcoming artists release their first video with two songs in one so I thought this would be a great way for me to separate myself from other artists or at least catch more people's attention.

Within the entire video for “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up,” we’re able to notice a fluid concept and storyline that runs right through both singles. How did you create the video’s concept to relate to both singles?

All I knew, in the beginning, was that I wanted the video to show the Cali vibe with young women having fun with their friends but also displaying a pinch of what we go through in relationships today. I and the creative director of the video, Alexis Matthews, sat down and planned for weeks how we wanted to map everything out. Once we got in contact with the videographer, Timi Oyelude, he finalized the structure of the video and everything just fell into place. We all know how much easier it is to collab when you’re working together on the same goal.

Regarding the incredible editing and effects within “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up,” did you have any help when editing the video and formulating the technical aspects? 

I did not edit the video at all. All credit goes to Timi Oyelude for videography and editing. He already knew what I wanted my visual to be like after a month of planning so I trusted him with putting the final pieces together. I had my personal touches that I wanted him to add but that’s about it.

With your music video “Rollin In a Benz + Pull Up,” you’re inevitably making us, and other listeners want more of these videos. Might we see more conceptual and unique music videos like this with your future releases?

Ah, yes! Most definitely. The majority of the songs on my upcoming EP will have visuals paired with the songs. EP will be coming out in January! So definitely be on the lookout for that. I will do my best to make sure that the videos moving forward will always be unique but most importantly true to me. I’m so excited!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

If 2020 hasn’t inspired you in any way, shape, or form, then you’ve been living under a rock. This year altogether made me face my fears and get things done that needed to be done a long time ago. My friends and my family have also kept me inspired by pushing me to keep going and always supporting me through everything I do. The music that you will be hearing from me next will all be from my upcoming EP. It’ll be nothing that anyone has ever heard from me other than "Pull up" and "Rollin in a Benz." I’ve even been fortunate enough to collaborate with a Grammy-nominated songwriter that I feel put the cherry on top with this project. I’m just trying to show people how dedicated and the quality of work that they will get from me every time they listen to my music or come on my page.



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