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Givon Introduces Us to His Unique Genre Called Conscious Trap with New Single “Dub”

With his own cultivated and unique style called Conscious Trap, Givon is a Hip-hop/ R&B artist from the Northside of Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by the music and lyrics of well-known rappers Drake and Lil Wayne, Givon mastered the craft of freestyling by teaching himself in his college dorm room while listening to their music. The 26-year-old rapper brings a meaning behind his music for those who never give up or make excuses regardless of the obstacles faced. Providing both lyricism and soundtracks to life, Givon lives by the quote “life wouldn't be so hard if people didn't think it was easy”. He is not just a rapper, but a musical “jack-of-all-trades”.

His first impressions along with his performances won’t disappoint you as Givon delivers a feel-good experience for everyone around. His sounds will put you into a melodic trance. 

Givon currently has 6 tracks released on Soundcloud including “The Man”, “Cookout”, “Quicktrip”, “Isay”, “Potluck”, and his newest single “Dub”. Straight from the beginning of this track, you'll be introduced into a very rich and smooth piano vibe that gets right down into rapping which produces an overall well enjoyed a mixture of sounds. With vocals on point and lyrics so engaging, this track definitely makes you think of similar content as to the ones Givon is influenced by. 

Listen to "Dub" here.


Hey Givon! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Tell us about the creation of your Conscious Trap and the journey that got you there. 

Life. We all go through certain struggles that we feel like we’re trapped in. Whether it's dealing with relationships, family or just street knowledge. For example, I can know this person isn’t necessarily for me, but still, have them around; Why? I could know that if I go over to this side of town where I’m not liked (hypothetically speaking) that some action might pop off. Conscious Trap is just us being trapped in our own ways and mindset. We know better but never do better. My journey started by being conscious of my own experiences.

Where do the meanings behind your songs come from? Are they based on personal/ life experiences?

My songs are life experiences. All my songs are based on emotions that I feel at the time. I hate when an audience feels as if an artist should be in one lane. If I had a piece of work people really liked that was more so in the trap genre and then created a body of work that will hit you mentally and melodically, people would think there’s a switch up and that an artist fell off like they don’t go through life experiences outside of the trap.

We really enjoyed your single “Dub”. Can you tell us about the overall message behind this track? 

Dub really just means It's over, it’s a wrap, finito.

How has your music changed over the years? And do you see it changing moving forward?

I’ve learned how to make a song. I used to freestyle and write 16’s to Lil Wayne beats to formulate bars, from there it was learning how to write throughout a whole beat and then just forming a hook. Honestly, it was a step by step process over the years. Yes, I do see my music changing moving forward; music is continuously evolving. Those who don’t evolve with it will get left behind.

Thanks a lot, Givon! We look forward to hearing more from you. What's next in 2020 for you as a music artist?

I have a show in February. Details will drop soon. Also, an EP drops in January and an album moving forward. Stay tuned by following me on IG at GivonWalden.



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