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GiZRoK Hits the R&B and Hip Hop Music Scene With Strength

As a breakout artist, GiZRoK hits the R&B/Hip Hop music scene with strength! Already being involved in various collaborations, GiZRoK was the artist to work with this past year. He released consistent tracks, averaging on almost one track per month. Nevertheless, the persistent work we see from GiZRoK doesn't compromise the quality of anything he releases. As listeners, we know we can expect similar soundings from GiZRoK every time, allowing for that natural comfort in knowing we can continuously expect quality music from him. During the past year, listeners got to hear a variety of releases from GiZRoK, and today we're in for a treat by reviewing such singles 2019 saw from GiZRoK!

There is such an intriguing piano production that's heavily integrated into the introduction of GiZRoK's track release "Passionate". In our opinions, this was one of GiZRoK's most centralizing tracks. There's a potent level of charisma that GiZRoK displays through "Passionate". It's the same magnetic appeal that he's able to sustain within his 2019 track "Destiny". That natural and easily flowing dazzle pours off of GiZRoK's vocal performance. When we listen to the chorus of "Destiny", we get more of a deep and refined blend of GiZRoK and the underlying but melded beat. Coursing through "Destiny", you'll find that eventually, GiZRoK gets the chance to display his vocal range, which is present about halfway into the track. We really enjoyed the softer sounding melodies brought about in this track, and it attributed highly to that charming mood GiZRoK effortlessly puts his listeners into.

Other tracks from GiZRoK include "I Remember", which highlights more of an intimate side of GiZRoK. Here, GiZRoK takes the time of the track to explore his emotions of a past woman and communicates such prominent emotions throughout the track. GiZRoK admits in "I Remember" his dissatisfaction with his own decisions, which really allows for that private communicative experience between artist and listener. All in all, we love to highlight these tracks GiZRoK has offered to the R&B music community, but we also must highlight that these tracks don't even begin the tracklist GiZRoK has constructed for the 2019 year. Here's hoping that 2020 is filled with just as many releases (no selfish reasoning intended)....(maybe slightly selfish reasoning).

Listen to GiZRoK here.

Welcome, GiZRoK! Let's get right into talking about how your sound flourished during the course of 2019! Looking back now, can you describe how you have seen your own artistry grow throughout the year?

Definitely throughout the year, I have done a lot of cool and crazy things that I wouldn’t have thought was possible a few years ago. From collaborating with other artists, being on the radio, and even coming out with my own project soon 2019 was a big step in my career. 

Would you say that the creative flow for tracks like "I Remember" comes naturally to you, or is it a type of flow that you need to practice and manifest over time? 

For one shout out to JiggSaw for joining in on the song with me. As far as the creative flow for tracks like “I Remember”, I wouldn’t want to say natural, I pretty much listen to the beat and write what it tells me. It doesn’t feel natural but because I have been writing music for so long I guess you could say it’s natural. 

Adhering mostly to the R&B music scene, are there any unique genre components that you would integrate within your sound--components that you have yet to work with yourself?

It’s so much that I have done that is yet to be released. My main component is house music. I haven’t found a producer yet to embarks on that journey. Once I do then it is on!

We know that you strive for an innovative sound with all you release for your listeners. Are you able to walk us through that creative process, and how you go about ensuring that the sound you synthesize is truly innovative?

I first find a beat and listen to the beat to see what kind of topic it gives me. After that I just let my mind wonder. Most of the time it takes me about 30 minutes, sometimes it can take up to 2 hours. Once it set and done I listen to it many times to make sure it’s something I can see myself jamming out too. If I can’t jam out to it no one will. Artists are their biggest critics. 

We've heard that your family really helped with introducing you to a variety of genres when you were young. Do you think that the connection you had with your family regarding music helped sparked that initial desire and inspiration to pursue music professionally?

Definitely, if I didn’t learn anything else from my family I learned what a challenge was. I’m definitely not a big fan of loosing. I’ve lost a lot and learned a lot pursing music. With those challenges, it basically gave me the inspiration to try new things. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for my family. 

We appreciate the time, GiZRoK, to talk with us about your 2019 sound! Are you setting any personal or artistic goals for yourself for the New Year?

Besides the fact of me not eating pork. I’m pretty much a man that takes it one day at a time. I may come out with a whole reggae album with everything I have been listening to lately. I also want to increase my features this year. As far as any other artistic goals wherever the music takes me, I will follow. 



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