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Glassface & Naeem Drop An Outro For The Season With “Summer’s Over”

Showering us with the end-of-summer blues is songwriter and alternative/indie producer Glassface with his dreamy and bold new single, "Summer's Over," alongside vocalist Naeem.

Glassface is best known for seamlessly swerving different art forms while merging genres like alternative and indie with elements of psychedelia, futurism, and electronic pop. Impressively, Glassface was an editor on Jhenè Aiko's Summer 2020 and directed music videos like "U Guessed It" by OG Marco and "1 Night" by Lil Yachty.

He's been honing his craft for over a decade and has made a name for himself through gripping productions and co-writing with countless acts to continue broadening his artistic horizons. More recently, Glassface teamed up with the lush vocal stylings of Naeem for their newest single, "Summer's Over," a heartfelt groove with sweet alternative/electronic production that serves as the perfect outro to summer.

Hitting play on the dreamy new tune, "Summer's Over," we're passionately greeted with psychedelic string-like synths that leap into a glittery atmosphere with bass-heavy synths that stir up the low end. Naeem's breathy and chilling vocals dance overtop of Glassface's sonics while sending some serious chills down the spine.

Naeem's lyrics of summer ending a little too soon hit just as hard as Glassface's cinematic production that builds into this musical monster merging the dark r&b sonics of acts like The Weeknd with the ethereal and lush electronic soundscapes of Tame Impala. It's the perfect tune to send you on your way as the days turn shorter and the nights get colder.

Allow Glassface and Naeem to help you accept all that's past and move forward with their shimmering new single, "Summer's Over," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Glassface. What inspired this emotional and ethereal end-of-summer anthem, "Summer's Over?"

First and foremost - depression. That feeling when the warmth of the season slips away. I thought about being a kid and the feeling when summer ended, and you had to go back to school.

What was your experience teaming up with vocalist Naeem for "Summer's Over?" What was your collaboration like?

I had a great time working on the song with Naeem (fka Spankrock). Summer’s Over is produced by Matti Free and me - we were working on some new demos during one of Matti’s trips to LA, and he invited Naeem to hang out. We listened to a bunch of music and played him a rough demo of “Summer’s Over.” He sang some melodies on the song that sounded amazing. I heard some lyrics in the melodies and had him record them saying, “I’m falling away, into you,” which immediately made the song 10x better.

Did you have any artistic or musical influences in mind when creating the dynamic production for "Summer's Over"? What was your vision for the song's overall sound and atmosphere?

Elliott Smith. Emo rock anthems. LCD Soundsystem. Mike Dean. Imogen Heap. Justice. I wanted an incredibly melancholy and sad song but also a stadium anthem. Soundtrack music that feels massive but reminds you of that feeling of being all alone in your room.

How does "Summer's Over" stand out or differ from your previous 2022 singles? Did you have any different approaches or ideas this time around?

Summer’s Over might be the most on-the-nose lyrical song - it’s meant to be easy to understand and very direct. I wanted to make something that immediately tapped into a powerful, melancholic feeling in many of my favorite songs as a kid. While the meanings behind “Foundation” and “Oblivion” are a bit more veiled, Summer’s Over is straight to the point. Oblivion is more of a psychedelic live band anthem, and Foundation is a huge-sounding electronic song with much room for the listener’s interpretation.


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