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GLITTERMIND Comes To Terms With Harsh Realities In "Never Mine"

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter and synth-pop recording artist GLITTERMIND asks some critical questions in her dazzling and emotional new single, "Never Mine."

GLITTERMIND paints universal themes with retro-inspired technicolor brushes. She's a cross-genre songwriter traversing sounds like pop, adult contemporary, and folk while exploring personal themes of love, trust, and time.

Having written for a handful of artists, GLITTERMIND decided to go solo in 2020 with shimmery, honest, and heartfelt pop songs worthy of the dancefloor. She just released her third studio single, "Never Mine," an anthemic dark pop track with driving synths and emotional lyrics about past love and relationships that still linger in her mind.

Expanding on the heartfelt new single, "Never Mine," the experience begins with distant synths and ghostly vocals making their way into the foreground. As GLITTERMIND jumps into her shimmery verse, she dives deep into personal lyrics of looking for distractions knowing damn well this person will be on her mind for longer than she'd hoped.

It's a slow-burn single with chilling pop sonics that usher in profound feelings of late-night heartbreak and trying to pick up the pieces. Although GLITTERMIND's soothing vocals convey personal messages of love and loss, the entire listening experience feels refreshing and rejuvenating. With each lyric, you can hear the weight escaping from GLITTERMIND's shoulders as she expresses her deepest thoughts, dreams, and desires in the chilling pop production.

It doesn't get much better than the authentic, relatable, and palpable emotion in GLITTERMIND's personal new single, "Never Mine." Find the heartfelt new track on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, GLITTERMIND. We love the relatable and genuine listening experience you provided in your recent single, "Never Mine." What inspired such a personal and moving song like this?

Hi! Thanks so much for having me! I am so glad that it’s so relatable. “Never Mine” is inspired by knowing that the person you like isn't right for you. The battle between the head and the heart is supremely real. I’m equally emotional and cerebral, so that battle has happened to me more than once. I am so glad that this feeling and state of mind are resonating!

What was your songwriting process like for "Never Mine"? Did writing this song help you cope with and understand the situation better?

The song actually took quite a bit of time to write. I had the first verse and chorus very quickly; the situation was fresh. But it wasn’t until I met someone else that I was able to get that second verse and the bridge in 1 night! It definitely helped me work through my feelings, and I hope it helps others as well.

What was your goal for the listener's experience with "Never Mine"? What did you want them to feel or think over?

I wanted the listener to know they’re not alone. We often hear about unrequited love, but it’s never quite phrased in this way. “Thinking about all the ways you were never mine” could mean so many different things to different people. I also ask the question, “why do I care sometimes?” Even when we know better or can deduce that the situation isn’t quite right, emotions get in the way. No one ever asks: why these emotions come in waves. Why do they still come over us even when we think we're over it?

How do songs like "Never Mine" help new listeners get to know you, your sound, and your style better? Would you say this song is a solid representation of the music you aim to create?

I’m a very intellectually curious person by nature; I tend to analyze and be extremely introspective. This song puts those qualities on full display while still telling a story. The sparkly and ethereal nature of the music is my sound. I'm creating a sonic universe full of retro synths, ambient sounds, and dreamy strings.

What's next for you?

I have more music coming and am planning to release a larger project next year! So much of my music is danceable while still touching on these universal themes and experiences, and I’m excited to keep sharing more and more of my story! I am excited to finally be introducing myself to listeners and can't wait to continue connecting.

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