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Gnarwhal Jrz Brings Listeners "Endless Rolling Thunder" With Striking New Music

Gnarwhal Jrz is the kind of Alt/Surf/Rock band that has an easily observed natural connection. The band strives for transparency, as well as an authentically-driven ambiance. Gnarwhal Jrz brings those scene-setters to full light, and synthesize music you expect to hear playing in the background of any possible narrative. The band doesn't make us feel as if we're in the dark with their intentions, and they release quality music that always has an enriched personality. We feel this exact sort of way with their recent release, "Endless Rolling Thunder".

Gnarwhal Jrz has released "Endless Rolling Thunder", and the single's name itself can pretty much lay out what listeners can expect from the high energy Alt/Surf Rock band. We receive the best elements of what is Alternative Surf music, but with the necessary intensity of any Rock release. With the integral electric guitar riffs, combined with the creamy, rich, and incredibly lax vocals, Gnarwhal Jrz has an easy time at delivering a chaotically organized and fun listening experience. "Endless Rolling Thunder" is the type of song that has your head slightly bobbing, and your body swaying, but just slightly along with the rhythm. Gnarwhal Jrz does a phenomenal job at creating the right kind of vitality listeners need with "Endless Rolling Thunder", and we're sourcing out for more of this life from Gnarwhal Jrz in the near future, with hopefully more anticipated single releases to come.

Check out "Endless Rolling Thunder" by Gnarwhal Jrz, here.

Welcome, Gnarwhal Jrz, and thanks for joining us on BuzzMusic to talk about the release of "Endless Rolling Thunder". What kind of mood was the band intending to project onto listeners with this particular release?

Qwansuh. The mood is to feel a change, something new. A shift in the paradigm. To feel uneasy or uncertain sometimes is the best way to find out about yourself. But if it makes you feel good and you feel like dancing turn up the volume, put on your disco boots, and boogie.

"Endless Rolling Thunder" enhanced itself with its buzzing and melodic harmonies. Where did the band source out the influence in order to create and design the overlying melody in the way it was specifically constructed? Does each band member typically contribute to this aspect of the song design? 

At times answers and influences are searched for externally. This track was an attempt at unraveling an internal feeling. Thinking about it a stylistically the mighty Dick Dale has some sort of influence in the picture at least guitar riffage-wise. I've found I connect with that gnar for some reason. 

As a high-energy band, we can already imagine the abundance of spirit easily sourced out from your crowd during performances. Are you able to walk us and our readers through the band's experience during its performances, as well as the type of energy you guys are able to extract from the crowd?

Everyone goes to shows for different reasons. I found some people are afraid to be themselves so we encourage that (you be yourself), we encourage a stir, a connection, or a moment of freedom. Even if it's just for a second. Your world can change in a second

What kind of steps does Gnarwhal Jrz have left to take in Phoenix, Arizona? Does the band see Arizona as its home, or have you guys ever considered moving locations, apart from touring? 

It would be great to play some live shows.. in the meantime record and release new music. On May 8th we have a new single coming out called "Take Me Home" This track is our drummer "Millimeter" Peter's favorite Gnarwhal Jrz track. Mark the date to find out why. Arizona is Gnarwhal Jrz home currently but you never know where the tide could take you when you roll the dice. Anything is possible so we are open-minded to the thought.



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