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Go Back In Time With Nyjo Brennen's 70s Infused Single, "Six Missed Calls"

The spunky R&B Singer/Songwriter Nyjo Brennen returns with boundless energy and soul within his lively hit, "Six Missed Calls." 

More recently, Nyjo Brennen has taken a new creative endeavor under his wing amid the pandemic. Recording 'Lightning in a Bottle Sessions' on his YouTube channel has allowed Brennen to live by the mantra that each song resembles a lightning bolt, different, memorable, and electrifying. 

Regarding the sparkling R&B Funk-infused single "Six Missed Calls," Nyjo Brennen tells a story of trying to put the pieces of a broken relationship back together yet in an optimistic and cheerful way. The groovy instrumentals take us back to prime 70s Funk with drifting synths that rain ear-pleasing melodies alongside up-tempo percussion.

"Six Missed Calls" begins with incredibly soulful instrumentals through lively organ, upbeat piano, distant synths, and organic drum patterns. As Nyjo Brennen begins describing the morning after an evening out, he sets this incredibly playful and lively tone to this dynamic track. 

Within the verses, Brennen explains such unforgettable and animated scenes of a night out, yet interestingly it all leads back to the hook where he sits and wonders what those "Six Missed Calls" were about. Around the bridge, nothing but Brennen's sweet vocals and sole piano serenade the listener and go back to this reminiscent and longing feeling that occasionally overcomes him. 

Ending the song with the same energy and vibrance it began with, Nyjo Brennen's "Six Missed Calls" delivers resilience and optimism while managing to remind the listener that healing has no time frame. 

Hello Nyjo and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We're excited to have you back to chat about the creation of your lively single, "Six Missed Calls." Could you tell us more about the song's concept and what influenced the message behind the track?

Thank you for having me back! Sure, I absolutely love 'Six Missed Calls.' It's my favorite song that has my personality infused into the vocals. You know it's me if you know me. Songwriting-wise, I like to paint a picture with my storytelling. It's not based on a specific true story thankfully but I can relate to it. The message talks about taking someone for granted in a relationship.

The protagonist cheats in one-night stands, prefers nightclubs more than home, and has to learn the hard way when his lover leaves. In real life, I'm always the one leaving. I'm a Taurus. We don't play those games but it was fun pretending to be the reckless one for this song.

Also, it's strange because the 'missed calls' part nowadays reminds me of my desire to not talk on the phone nowadays. I miss a lot of calls. I make exceptions but I was never a BIG phone person, especially during this pandemic. Voice and Video messages are more of my things. 

What kind of atmosphere and vibe did you want to deliver with the instrumentals on "Six Missed Calls," seeing as your lyrics touch on somewhat heavy themes?

Out of all of my songs, I wanted 'Six Missed Calls' to be the one that sounded like a live performance. I didn't want it to be too clean. You hear a lot of my ad-libs, which feel like life. It feels effortless and so damn cool. Six Missed Calls isn't contrived or overly complex. It's an NYJO BRENNEN SOUND. Simplicity with strength. It was conceptualized on a guitar, but I wanted drums for sure. I also wanted an organ subtly because you don't hear it at all in music nowadays. I can close my eyes and it plays like an L.A. music video. Waking up in The Valley, going to a club in Hollywood, driving back on Mulholland Drive in the moonlight to an empty home. The lyrics set the scenes and the instrumentals score it so perfectly.

Could you tell us more about your 'Lightning in a Bottle Sessions'? Have they made an impact on your creative process and how you execute songs?

I created 'The Lightning in a Bottle Sessions' on my Youtube channel as a part of my therapy and a way for my followers to engage with me during the pandemic. The new normal is creators are relying on Social Media and each other more than ever to get us through. My largest audience is on Tiktok with over 40k followers. My sessions are live outside performances of my singles, some new material, and cover songs that I reimagine. The process has been like recording my 'Lightning In A Bottle' album. Days before recording I'd check in with myself and see how I felt. Since I had 300 songs written, I'd pick the song that applied to how I felt. Same thing with my setlist. My songs and the covers are very deliberate though. I did a cover of Rebecca Ferguson's 'Too Good To Lose' and dedicated it to Chadwick Boseman. Loved him so much. Planning on doing a dedication to victims of police brutality like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd soon. There are MORE fun and nostalgic escapism moments as well. I covered Blaque's 'Bring It All To Me' that was so much fun! Can't wait to do a Christmas session eventually. Singing live gets me excited to go back in the studio again when COVID isn't a threat, whenever that is. In the meanwhile 'The Lightning in a Bottle Sessions' is live on my Youtube channel now. 

You've mentioned that you aim to be an inspiration within your music career. How do you put this into action within your brand and the music you release?

I believe the only way to be an inspiration is to be your true self. I've learned it isn't about what you have, it's all about what you do with it. I always visualized myself doing what I accomplished. I was born in The Bahamas. A beautiful and humble beginning. I was 13-17 years old daydreaming of making my music videos, writing, and recording my songs. When it all happened for me in my 20s it was my answered prayer. My brand is to be an authentic self and to be intentional with my decisions. I don't associate myself with projects or songs that I do not believe in or support. I've always been a Quality Over Quantity kind of guy. The people I admire are incomparable. Al Green, Rihanna, Joseph Spence (my Folk Legend Great-Grand Uncle) are people that I admire how they handled what God gave them musically.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 has been a difficult year, especially as a Black Man. Mentally draining, and emotionally challenging, and more tears shed in 1 year than in 3. But what keeps me inspired is HOPE. Hope for a change in the climate in America. Hope that equality and good intentions will prevail over sinister, divisive bigotry. It's the hope that things will get better for my people and other communities feeling the weight of systemic racism. I know because of this weight my artistry and mood for my future recordings will be affected. The world's changed. My music has been my escapism. Mind you, I always finish what I started. Similar to how I teased 'Six Missed Calls' years ago and after a personal tragedy, backed away from it. I'm back to cross the finish line. But to be honest, I have one last upbeat single to release to complete my 'Lightning in a Bottle EP.' After that, whatever happens on Election Day influences the tone of the rest of my future recordings. I'm hopeful and believe in good results though. I'm really praying that it will be a celebration and in 2021 I'll assist in helping make people dance!

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