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go4broke Searches For His Past Self In “Don’t Speak”

Hailing from the broad Philadelphia music scene, alternative pop recording artist and singer-songwriter go4broke releases his self-coined 'social anxiety anthem' with the upbeat new bop entitled "don't speak."

go4broke's exciting pop tracks never fail to explore profoundly intimate themes of his life experiences, helping listeners relate and feel understood. His live performances in the Philly and New Jersey areas have helped him expand his fanbase far and wide with listeners who continuously return to see what he's pumping out next.

In March, go4broke released his self-written, produced, and recorded debut EP, mad. Due to the dark, moody, and emotion-packed vibes of the project, go4broke felt it was time to flip the switch and head down a brighter path with his recent single, "don't speak." Although the production and instrumentation are thrilling, go4broke uses the track to express his anxieties and how he deals with them.

Hitting play on "don't speak," we can instantly tell this song is perhaps go4broke's catchiest tune to date. He kicks off the experience with sizzling synths and driving drums that lead into the captivating first verse. Although the sweet guitar melodies provide this upbeat and feel-good nature, go4broke dives deep into his personal thoughts of wishing he could return to his old self.

It's a deeply personal song contrasted by the glittering pop, alternative, and hyperpop production that keeps listeners moving and grooving. This track is reminiscent of classic emotional bangers where the lead vocalist confesses their utmost personal thoughts, and we're just over here grooving without a care in the world.

Watch as go4broke's sound evolves right before your eyes, err, ears, with his fiery yet emotional new single, "don't speak," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, go4broke. Congratulations on releasing the catchy, bold, and personal new single, "don't speak." What inspired you to take a more uplifting and feel-good route with this single? Well, last year I was writing a lot of dark and moody songs that I really liked, but I felt tired of doing such a similar sound repeatedly. I was also listening to a lot of indie pop music, and it made me want to try and translate my feeling into a new kind of track that I don’t usually make. However, it got me on a kick, and I have had so much fun making music with this sound, I can’t wait to share the other tracks I have! Why did you want to create such a drastic contrast between your emotional lyrics and uplifting instrumentals in "don't speak?" What made you want to confess your anxieties through a radiant pop track? I write music about whatever I am feeling at the moment. I usually start by making an instrumental that has no prewritten lyrics or melody and try to create a vibe through that. With this track, I was making this upbeat beat but feeling very isolated and alone. It made me want to make a track that I could dance to alone in my room. And that is where the song ended up going. I freestyled the chorus on the first take, and I knew that’s how I wanted it to sound. Although we were grooving away to your lively instrumentals in "don't speak," what message did you want to convey to your audience? What did you want to get across? The message I want to get across is that it’s not only okay to feel anxious, but it’s also normal. I think we, as a community and specifically the younger generation, tend to put a smile on and go along with whatever is happening around us, even if we don’t feel okay. With this song, I wanted to make feeling down or wanting to take time for yourself to feel okay. The song is about things I have been through, and I want people who relate to it to feel heard. Do you think you'll continue down this route of catchy and vibrant alternative pop tracks similar to "don't speak"? Or might you explore different genres and sounds in the near future? I definitely have songs that have a similar sound in the pipeline, but I have a wide array of songs that are also coming out in the near future. I am very enthusiastic about trying new things and making songs in genres that I don’t normally do. I will say having a catchy melody or something that sticks with the listener is always important to me. The foundation of my music is pop music I grew up listening to it, I just build on it with different sounds that I am surrounded by.

What's next for you? There is a lot of new music, shows, and more coming in the next month and months to come. This isn’t just a one-off single; expect a full project in 2023!


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