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GOLDEN is the Brooklyn-bred Lo-fi Songstress Who Just Released Her New Single, "Hate"

Bailey is the Indie-Alternative songstress creating Lo-fi fantasias out of the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn, and under the moniker—GOLDEN.

The melancholic chanteuse produces and writes all of her own music and uses her soft-touch incantations to paint the inside spaces of our minds a whimsical Lo-fi hue. This year, she offers up her latest mystifying musical orchestrations in the manifestation of a song titled, "Hate." 

"Hate," dissolves into existence with a slow fade-in that opens up into a full carafe of minimalistic sonic extracts appended to GOLDEN's prismatic murmurs. She sings with a somnolent hushed tone. But there's a deep-rooted sentiment buried in the undertone of her somnolent intoning as the first line opens with quiet desolation, "in this world of nature and space, you go and lose your way, you only get older, and everyone's colder," GOLDEN sings.

She's frustrated about the concept she's ratified in her mind. She softly laments through the playback, converging over her unifying harmonies aloft the fleshy declarations the gloomy songstress expresses over her minimalist production. Here, whimsically droning keys, a dry but punchy Lo-fo beat, and the relief of a soft twinkling sample near each melodic hook's end take shape as the mix. GOLDEN is sing for the conviction of a broken shell she lives on—burning in a bonfire from our own matches—and she loathes it.

"Hate" feels like a warm caramel mocha adhesive between our fingers. It's the cozy bedroom cabin we run to when we need to escape, and GOLDEN is the conscious reminder of the dazzling conjectures we face regarding our planet.


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