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Good Vibes Only In JordanLivinGood’s Banger “Party All The Time”

Jordan Galbreth is a talented artist, songwriter, producer and sound engineer from Texas. Better known by his professional name JordanLivinGood started making music at the age of 10. It started out as a fun hobby for him and cousin and once Jordan recording his first mixtape, he realized his passion. He makes songs from his own true feelings, life stories, and personal inspirations. 

JordanLivinGood released his explosive hit into the music industry and we’re bumping it on repeat! “Party All The Time” is an absolute summer smash! All about having a good time, Jordan knows how to party. “Party All The Time” is the perfect song for a late night at the club, a party at the beach or simply turning up with your friends. There’s nothing emotive or complicated about it, “Party All The Time” boasts lighthearted and good vibes. Sing along to the dope and catchy lyrics, dance to the hard-hitting beat, or just turn up to this summer banger! I highly recommend you add it to your summer 2019 playlist! Stay on the lookout for JordanLivinGood and his future musical endeavors!

Check out “Party All The Time” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you know you wanted to start making music?

What’s up! I’m a hip hop artist by the name of JordanLivinGood, and I’m artist located in Austin. One day, my was making music in my room, so I asked him a question about making songs as a joke, and he told me “Sure!”.So, When I made my first song is was the feeling of love at first sight.

“Party All The Time” is a dope track! What inspired it?

Austin is a college town and a city that’s big on electronic music and hip hop at parties, so I wanted to make a blend between the two genres of how it’s like to party on 6st.

What’s the hip-hop music scene like in your hometown?

It’s a small community that’s growing, but we support everyone. I think Austin will be the next big Hip Hop city in a few years.

What’s your writing process like?

When I’m writing a song I try to paint out the imagery in my head. The first thing I write for songs are hooks, so I know what direction I want the song to be in. The best place I like to write is in my bedroom, because I can really focus in there.

Who are your musical influences and how do they inspire you?

Drake is my favorite artist, and he inspires me that you can have a lot of haters but still be on top. My second biggest influence is Pimp C and he was always just the flyest rapper to me when he was alive. Juicy J is another influence when it comes to making turn up music, because he’s been making hits longer than I’ve been alive.


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