Good Vibes Only With Gen Direct's New Single "Beautiful Life"

Gen Direct is an upcoming R&B artist from Canada who perseveres through all the negativity with his debut single “Beautiful Life”. His artistry is currently developing alongside with his producer and

audio engineer SWAH of the hippie gang collective. His goal is to make a positive impact in his

community by applying his creative background in story writing and poetry that he has turned

into music.

Ambient instrumentals are introduced to us as well as Gen Direct’s smooth vocals which

is intriguing and also relaxing. It is an interesting mix of R&B and ambient electronic music with an upbeat message. It is really uplifting while it is real and honest. Instead of dwelling on the negativity of the world, Gen Direct decides to focus on the bright side of life. The only thing that he

needs is his significant other or as he likes to call her, his babygirl. Such a sweet song that can be concerned as a love song, not just for another person but for life in general. The beat is evident but not to overwhelming, while the electric toy piano plays a small tune. A really well

produced track from Gen Direct. After listening to this song, you will feel encouraged and might

even see things a little differently.

Listen to "Beautiful Life" on Spotify.