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goodheart Gets It in "Just For One Night"

Photo Credit: Brendan Barnard

The rising star goodheart has already left a significant mark on the music industry with her debut single 'Back to You.' Her latest track, "Just for One Night," is a testament to her exceptional talent. The Toronto-based artist has a unique sound that can be described as a combination of dreamy pop synths, gritty fuzz guitars, and compelling vocals. Her introspective approach to songwriting captures honesty and heart through her music.

In 'Just for One Night,' goodheart takes us on a journey of the complexities of love and human connection. The track's lyrics speak of people struggling to relinquish their inhibitions and give in to their desires. The raw and honest lyrics and the artist's captivating vocals create an emotional gut-punch-heart-squeeze feeling that is hard to shake off.

The instrumentation on "Just for One Night" perfectly matches the lyrics, with the dreamy pop synths and the gritty fuzz guitars complementing each other seamlessly. The song starts slowly and steadily, building up to a powerful chorus that packs an emotional punch. The mellow guitar riffs and rhythms are catchy and atmospheric, and the melodic hooks are right to the point while still catchy, making it a perfect track to dance to.

One of the most impressive aspects of goodheart's music is her ability to produce her tracks. In an industry where women are underrepresented as producers, goodheart's commitment to being known for her hand in both writing and producing is commendable. It's a testament to her dedication to her craft and her desire to break down barriers in the music industry.

"Just for One Night" is a fantastic track that showcases goodheart's unique sound and exceptional talent. The song is a perfect mix of dreamy pop synths, gritty fuzz guitars, and powerful vocals. With her introspective approach to songwriting and producing, goodheart is an artist to watch out for in the coming years. Her dedication to breaking down barriers and creating fresh and familiar sounds will earn her a place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Take a moment to relish in "Just for One Night," available everywhere now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, goodheart! Cheers to a vibrant drop with 'Just for One Night,’ which speaks of human connection and the complexities of love. Can you talk about the message you want listeners to take away from the song? Thank you! For me, the song is meant to be a fun story of that first meeting. With today’s dating scene, apps, and hookup culture, I think many people can relate to a one-night romance/stand. And sometimes, that first meeting and the single night get built up to be more than it was, but it can be fun to romanticize moments of taking chances.

You've mentioned that you take influence from artists like Maggie Rogers, Paramore, and Tame Impala. How have these artists influenced your sound, and how do you see your sound evolving in the future?

I’ve always admired how Paramore has evolved their sound over the years, and I think Hayley Williams is one of the best female vocalists of my generation. The balance between sweet and more rock-like vocals is something I hope to emulate in my music. Tame Impala and Maggie Rogers are both inspirations for me because they write their songs and can create their distinct sounds by producing their tracks. Each of these artists has taught me the importance of finding your sound and letting it change and evolve over time.

You've mentioned that you want to be an artist known for your hand in both writing and producing. How has producing your music influenced your creative process, and how did it impact the production of 'Just for One Night?'

Getting into producing has shaped the way I create and listen to music, which I didn’t expect to fall in love with as much as I have. These days, I listen to certain songs because I love the production and others for the lyrics, but the songs that excel in both take the cake for me. Being in control of the sound I want the song to have gives me a greater ability to match what I hear when the song first exists in my head. When creating ‘Just for One Night,’ I used a lot of reverb, pads, and sound design to create an atmospheric sound to try and capture the surreal feeling that an idealized love or infatuation sometimes has.

Speaking of production, the music industry is still largely dominated by men, particularly in music production. How do you see yourself breaking down barriers in this field, and what advice would you give to women aspiring to produce their music?

I feel like I’m still getting started, but as someone who actively looks for producers like me, I find the stats wild. A study done in 2021 by Stacy L. Smith and the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative shows how few women-identifying producers (on average, only 2.8% were women) and songwriters (on average, only 12.7% were women) there are in popular music. I believe every individual has their perspective and something new to bring to the table for producing and songwriting, regardless of gender.

Still, we aren’t reaching the potential or breadth possible in an artistic industry if we don't have diversity. Producing your songs gives you greater control over your sound and what you can do. My advice to other women would be to start, jump right in and try to produce something you’re passionate about. There’s no better way to learn than to throw yourself in the deep end. Youtube tutorials and Google searches are your best teachers and reach out to other producers you admire or relate to. Communities do wonders for growth; we should all lift each other on this journey. Don’t be worried about finding your sound off the bat because it’ll come with time. That, and take risks in your sound. There aren't any rules. Just have fun with it.

What's next for goodheart, and how do you see your sound evolving? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you can share with us related to 'Just for One Night?'

I have a couple of projects coming out where I experiment with my sound, but I won’t get into too much detail there since they’re still taking form. I recently released a music video on my Youtube channel for ‘Just for One Night’ that I had a lot of fun creating. The director and I wanted to give a new twist to the song and play on the themes, and the response has been positive. In terms of evolving, you’ll just have to stay up to date with my releases through my Youtube and Instagram pages.


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