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Gotaflika Brings Light Out Of Unsettling Situations With His Single “Another Day Another Dollar”

Many artists who have captivating personal life experiences in which serves as an impactful and influential aspect in their reason to pursue music. For incredible artist Gotaflika (pronounced as goat-uh-flick-uh) it was when his mother decided to leave him and his siblings in Africa for educational purposes that would serve as beneficial for her family. She made the incredible journey that took an immense amount of faith and courage. Gotaflika began a journey as organic as it possibly could be.

Gotaflika, which literally means 'Go-To-Africa', received invitations to perform that soon helped increase his small fan base he was building in the foundation of his homeland. If you’re wondering where the inspiration for the name came from, Gotaflika chose his stage name because it represents a migrant African. Gotaflika himself represents thousands upon thousands of stories of hardship and the journey for something more. Gotaflika is a symbol of hope.

Gotaflika released the single titled “Another Day Another Dollar” alongside a music video visual to match. The dance hall pop reggaeton tune is perfect to add to our playlists for simple cruising around town or if you just need a little mood boost. It instantly uplifts your spirits into something more positive and that’s the most special quality Gotaflika has on his artistry is his ability to touch people and make them feel something. If you watched the video of “Another Day Another Dollar”, Gotaflika presents himself as an authentic regular person just like the rest of us while using witty imagination and creative transitional spaces between traveling into the future and the constant fight between innovation and reality.

In The beginning of the video of “Another Day Another Dollar” it shows Gotaflika sleeping under riches of money before his phone rings, essentially waking him from his dream-like escape and transitioning him into reality. However, the joyful tune helps deliver that uplifting story through the visual because Gotaflika makes the best of his average day most us can relate to. I love the radiating positivity the music and video gives, and we can no doubt say Gotaflika could be the reason Reggaeton should be thrown in the spotlight more often as a mainstream sound.

Listen to "Another Day Another Dollar" below and get to know more about Gotaflika below!

How would you personally describe the music scene in Africa for those unfamiliar with it?

In Africa, we listen to all genres of music, but Reggae and Dancehall are the top genres for sure. Sometime ago we did believe that the only way to break into an international scene was to be a reggae artist, but today it has changed a lot. The world has now accepted African music that has given birth to Afropop which has put people into the international music scene and are getting noticed at a global level. This is good enough to encourage you to believe that your talents also can grab the global audience. African music is one of the most complicated sounds that one will ever come across because it's ethnically and even tribal based in it's roots and it has existed for many generations. Each tribe has their own rhythm and that's what makes African music so unique and complicated. With the introduction of other genres, the African sounds have evolved into two major genres which are Afropop and Reggae . There are thousands of other sounds within the continent depending which region you are in. 

Tell us a little bit about “Another Day”, what was the inspiration behind writing this?

Another Day Another Dollar is a song I wrote because of my understanding of universal needs. My family moved to the USA to have a better life by earning more money ("dollars"). But, as I traveled around the globe, I have realized that we all have one thing in common--the desire to get more money and have a better life. People sold their houses, cars, land, etc. so that they could come to America. The funny thing is that even the Americans themselves are struggling to earn dollars day- in day-out. 

When creating the video to “Another Day” what was the vision you were aiming to execute with this?

I wanted fans and the audience to see that even though we are struggling from sunrise to sunset, we still have to keep doing so joyfully! Keeping your head up and spreading joy in whatever season you're in is good for the soul and it's contagious to others!

In your own opinion, how would you describe the genre of Reggaeton pop?

Reggaeton pop is a genre on the rise which can come from anywhere in the world, but you have got to be in love with Pop, R&B, and Reggae music because they are the fusion that make Reggaeton what it is. 

Have you ever performed in a venue outside your hometown?

Yes, 99% of my shows are done outside my hometown. :)

What's next for you through 2019?

2019 is the year of doing more collaborations with other artists, finishing my new full length album that will be released at the end of 2019, and preparing to tour at the end of the year and into 2020!


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