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Grab A Partner And Dance To “Crazy For Life” By The Summit

The Summit is a six piece band consisting of keyboardist and lead singer Timothy LaRoque, Guitar players Anthony Bucci and Sebastian Silva, Bassist Greyson Auclair, Saxophonist Lenny Arias and drummer Arturo Llapa. Based in Broward County, Florida, this distinctive band specializes in grooving and jamming. The funk and feel of the 70’s has heavily influenced their sound and they have put their own special modern twist. Though their music may be hard to describe, no matter your age or background the vibe is bound to lure you in and get you dancing!

Hold onto your hats cause this one is about to get spicy! Incredibly taken back by how this jam starts off smooth and it seems a little dark, then all of a sudden - BAM, this feeling of dancing just overcomes you. This sextet has created a song with a sort of Salsa feel to it, but you can hear the more modern tones making this a song that is sure to take off. The guitar solo is extremely impressive, only to be surprised a stellar keyboard solo thrown into the mix alongside. The Summit released an alluring song that draws each listener in with fast-paced sounds and lyrics to complement the entire vibe this song is presenting. An entrancing and powerful voice erupting from the lead singer that adds character to this exciting ballad that enthralls the listener and sends you into a trance. There are moments that I am reminded of some new-age Train songs, and it is an overall appealing tune. If you are looking for a song that makes you want to get up and move around then this is definitely up your alley! These guys are crazy for life and crazy good at making music that brings you along for the ride!

Listen to "Crazy For Life" here and get to know more about The Summit below!

Hey Guys! We absolutely love your style! Can you start off by telling us about yourselves?

We’re a bunch of goofballs that love to make music. We’re friends above all, but we share the same dream, which is to reach out to people with our music and hopefully make an impact on them.

How did the six of you meet?

Tim LaRoque went to Fort Lauderdale High for his first two years of high school, and then South Broward for his last two. At Fort Lauderdale he met Greyson Auclair, and he met the rest of the band (Lenny Arias, Arturo Llapa, Sebastian Silva, Anthony Bucci) at South Broward.

What brought you to write “Crazy for Life”?

It’s a metaphor for how it feels to be rejected. When you are hurt by someone, your initial instinct is to want to inflict pain because you are in pain. The music came very naturally once I realized how much weight the lyrics held, it’s almost spooky and feels like it should be a Halloween song. But don’t take it as if we’re murderers or anything.. it’s just a story! We promise! 

What are some key artist inspirations for the unique sound The Summit has?

The Beatles, Elton John, Paul Simon, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin.. lots of old school, classic rock. But, we still have a very modern sound.

What is next for The Summit through 2019?

We’re touring nonstop throughout South Florida, doing shows to promote our upcoming release “Def Cat.” We released an EP for Def Cat on BandCamp earlier this week, the full album is due sometime towards the end of the summer. It’ll be on all streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music!


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