Grab a "Window Seat," on Hot Mustard's New Sonic Venture

Hailing from Johns Island, South Carolina, the cinematic Funk/Soul duo Hot Mustard grooves through our speakers with a new soulful single and accompanying music video entitled "Window Seat."

Comprised of producer/guitarist Jack Powell and bassist Nick Carusos, Hot Mustard draws influence from the late 60s and early 70s funk/soul, which makes their tunes all the more memorable and nostalgic. Proud to announce the release of their forthcoming debut album, 'Mother Sauce,' on September 3rd, Hot Mustard kicks off the venture with the project's lead single and music video, "Window Seat."

Expanding on their single and music video, "Window Seat," listeners are able to tap their feet to Hot Mustard's soulful and funk-inspired instrumentation that's equally as cinematic as it is soulful. Regarding the song's animated music video, Jack Powell mentioned, "The video, to me, is basically a day in the life of a creative introvert. I try not to indulge much of what the video means to me personally because I think that it's important to give the viewer an opportunity to apply it to their own lives in the way they feel it."

Diving into the single, "Window Seat," the track takes off with Nick Carusos' hefty bassline and tight drum arrangements alongside a sweet and savory brass section. As Jack Powell's plucky and soulful electric guitar makes its way in, the track quickly transforms into this deeply groovy, refined, and cinematic listening experience.

Taking a peek at the song's music video, we're met with a wonderfully odd and unique animation that takes us through the experience of a crow and its many encounters with life, death, and transformation. A highly original animation, we're deeply impressed with the music video's ability to tell several different stories in one watch.

Catch Hot Mustard's latest single and music video, "Window Seat," on YouTube and all digital streaming platforms, and mark your calendars for their forthcoming debut album, 'Mother