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Grace Carey-Hill Sends Her Love With “ily”

"ily," the latest release by RB/Soul artist Grace Carey-Hill, is a captivating song that showcases the artist's unique style and influences. The song, which stands for "I love you," is a dreamy lullaby through the seeking of something real in relationship land, delivered with Grace's distinct blend of RB and soul.

At 24, Grace has already developed a mature and fresh sound, drawing inspiration from icons like Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, and Lawerence. Her passion for music has led her from the West Coast to the heart of country music, Nashville, where she has honed her craft and developed her voice.

"ily" opens with a hypnotic beat, instantly capturing the listener's attention. As Grace's vocals enter, they bring a sense of longing and vulnerability, perfectly capturing the feelings of falling in love. The chorus is an earworm that stays with the listener long after the song is over, with Grace's smokey voice soaring over the R&B-infused melody and like a trip to cotton candy wonderland; this is a sweet one.

Grace's lyrics are honest and raw throughout the song, touching on the complexities of relationships and the struggles of opening up to another person. Her voice is the perfect vehicle for these emotions, conveying a sense of depth and understanding beyond her years.

In "ily," Grace Carey-Hill has created a standout track showcasing her talents as a singer and songwriter. With its infectious beat and heartfelt lyrics, this song will resonate with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. We can't wait to see what Grace has for us next.

Sail into this one today; available everywhere.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Grace Carey-Hill! Kudos for letting out your feelings on “ily,” which is such an emotional and personal song. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to write it?

Thank you! I was overanalyzing relationships and endings. I can get caught up in the need for closure and the mess surrounding it. I'll spend forever crafting the right way to express it all perfectly. When we started ily, it seemed so obvious and simple that I love you could say it all. Easier said than done, though, right? In "ily," you touch on the complexities of relationships and the struggles of opening up to another person. Can you speak to how your own experiences have influenced your songwriting?

The beautiful thing about relationships is that despite all looking different, they all boil down to many of the exact wants and needs. In past relationships, I think I've felt lonely in the end. Especially as a person with an anxious attachment style, I tend to feel like everyone around me doesn't feel as intensely as I do. Songwriting has helped me not only put my messy feelings into words but has connected me with so many people that say, "it's like you wrote this for me." It only encouraged my messy thoughts and honest songwriting. The R&B and soul influence in "ily" are so distinctive and unique. How has your musical style been influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Ariana Grande, and Lawerence?

Amy has inspired me since I discovered my musical taste at 14. Her jazz background and vocal talent inspired the way I've studied music. Her effortless yet grounding vocal style rings in my ears at all times. Ariana's voice and honesty within her songs have inspired so much of where I am going and writing now. How she writes and sings from such a powerful yet sensitive woman's perspective has always spoken to me and how I want to write. The music that Amy, Ariana, and Lawerence write stretches and explores so many genres and sounds. As a musician, I have difficulty picking a genre; I love them all and want to touch each one. Lawerence, especially, has inspired me to combine so many into the songs I write. "ily" has a powerful chorus that stays with the listener long after the song ends. How do you approach writing a hook that is both memorable and meaningful?

Thank you so much! When I write with my favourite co-writer, Josh Zegan, who wrote this with me, we spit out countless hooks until the right melody or lyrics stick. Then we build from there. When writing a hook, I want what it says to connect with the audience just as much as the melody does. Like most songwriters, I think I have a notes app full of hooks and lines that stick in my brain -- those always help when the writing session needs an extra push.

"ily" is such a standout track. How do you select which songs you want to release to the public?

I think it helps to have people in my inner circle that I trust to help me discern what's worth sharing, what may need some extra love, and what can stay in the archives. I want to release things that have an intense meaning or tie to me. I want to love it and blast it in my car regardless of if my name is attached. Lastly, I want it to add to the noise on all of the music platforms rather than be just another song on Spotify. I hope that makes sense, haha! You've already accomplished so much at such a young age. What are some of your long-term goals for your music career?

Long-term, I would love to get signed to a label someday and make this my full-time career. I would love to open for and tour with musicians I respect within this industry. Lastly, I would love to collaborate with some other, bigger artists. I would love to write with them, watch how they work, and sing alongside them.


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