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Grace Carey-Hill Tries To Bridge The Emotional Divide On Her Emotional Release “Ily”

Why do people say one thing when their actions don’t say the same?

At the tender age of twenty-four, Grace Carey-Hill has been steadily establishing herself as a compelling force and standout talent in the music industry.

With her artistic identity residing somewhere between the dynamic intersection of R&B and Pop music, Carey-Hill has thus far marched to the beat of her drum, refusing to compromise her artistic vision. The results have been nothing short of a revelation, and if this talented artist can fulfill her massive potential, we’ll have a superstar on our hands.

Born and raised in a place known worldwide as the “City of Angels,” Carey-Hill continues to be a testament to why Los Angeles is known for its abundance of musical talent. In many ways, a beating heart of creativity, what sets Grace Carey-Hill apart is her ability to transcend genre boundaries.

Effortlessly blending the classic soulfulness of bygone eras with a contemporary flair that’s uniquely her own, she now fittingly resides in the “Music City” of Nashville, Tennessee, where she’s once again poised to take her career to greater heights.

Grace Carey-Hill’s release “ily” is a heart-melting offering that promises to tug on your heartstrings with each listen. The instrumental performance is soft and minimalistic, with gentle piano keys and snares providing the backbone of the soundscape. Carey-Hill’s tender vocals are smooth, dripping off each note like honey and fully immersing you in this release.

Lyrics like “You know space is bad for me if it made you cry then why’d you leave” hit you straight in your feels, giving you a glimpse into Carey-Hill’s soul as she tries to bridge the emotional divide between her and her lover. Carey-Hill has established herself as a master of the emotional realm, and on “ily,” she continues to show her prowess as one of the most exciting artists today.

As Grace Carey-Hill’s musical journey unfolds like a lyrical novel, releases like “ily” continue to show why she should be on your radar. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Grace Carey-Hill’s release “ily”, out now on all majour streaming platforms.


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