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Grace Morgan Releases Feel-Good Track "Into The Void"

Twenty-two year old singer Grace Morgan is coming across our radar lately with her most recent album release: "Void". Grace Morgan outdoes herself with her most recent album, adding more of that robust and feel-good energy within her predominantly pop-genre music. Currently residing in England, Grace uplifts and empowers her listeners with her authentic lyrical production. As an artist, Grace is set to inspire, and we feel exactly that when listening to her vivacious modern sound. Grace is as bubbly as it can get with a pop artist, and so we urge our BuzzMusic pop listeners to check out Grace Morgans recent work "Void" because she definitely isn't out to disappoint!

"Into The Void" begins with a soft house-like vibe, and then almost immediately transitions into Grace Morgan's vocal delivery. Grace Morgan provides that certain type of jubilant, uplifting pop tune that has you feeling in the most positive atmosphere. Grace undoubtedly has an element of innocence integrated within her sound, and the overall production of "Into The Void" is the perfect record to showcase off of "Void", as you can feel the track surging with that pure and honest harmony. Grace went above and beyond with her artistic abilities in "Into The Void", and we can definitely say the same about her album "Void". 

Make sure to give a listen to Grace Morgan's track "Into The Void" here!


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