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Gracie Moses Fights Her "Night Terrors"

Hailing from Nashville, indie artist Gracie Moses shows listeners her vulnerable side while showcasing the best of indie folk in her new single "Night Terrors."

Singer-songwriter Gracie Moses is an artist of multiple genres. Her sound and lyrics are significantly influenced by r&b, indie folk, and electropop. After all, Gracie has gathered vast cultural and musical inspiration since writing her first song at 11 years old. Now, she makes music to express intense human emotion that we can all relate to.

"Night Terrors" discusses more of a frightening topic than supernatural creatures. Gracie Moses wrote this song to talk about the endless nights when your mind haunts you. This emotional and debilitating experience is something many of us encounter at one point or another, and Gracie lets us know we're not alone. She tells her experience masterfully with her exceptional musical skills.

Getting into "Night Terrors," the piece opens with a powerful instrumental arrangement. The guitar, drums, and bass welcome you with high-energy and melodic sounds. You soon hear Gracie's impressive vocals, with tender yet powerful tones that create intense feelings in the listener. The lyrics pierce the heart with sadly relatable and aching themes, while the instrumentals are the sonic cherry on top.

Gracie Moses converges top-quality production with fantastic musical talent. Her lyrics are an anthem for people who feel imprisoned by their own emotions. "Night Terrors" is a cry for freedom. The song feels more emotional every second, so don't be surprised if you end up with a tear or two.

Free yourself from "Night Terrors" and heal your wounds with help from the chilling stylings of Gracie Moses. Find "Night Terrors" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gracie Moses, and congratulations on your latest release, "Night Terrors." What is the story behind “Night Terrors?”

I've been having nightmares and intense dreams for the past few years, definitely due to some trauma in my own life, and I've wanted an outlet (other than therapy) for these dreams for a while. I didn't know how to process these dreams, and I didn't really stop having them until after I wrote this song. I tried journaling; I'm in therapy, but writing the song seemed to bring a cathartic healing that couldn't be acquired elsewhere.

How would you describe the creative process of making “Night Terrors?”

Going into writing this song, my writing process was quite different from others. I'd think embarking on a journey to write a song about intense and invasive dreams would be one that needed space and time, but it just came all at once. I sat down, not to write a song about my bad dreams necessarily, but to write, and it sort of all just word-vomited out onto a page. It all felt really natural. It reminded me of when I first began to write music at age 11 because back then, I didn't overthink as much, and I felt like with this song; I didn't either.

How did writing “Night Terrors” help you fight the terrors?

Just bringing them to light in a way they hadn't been before brought a lot of therapy to my soul. I wouldn't say writing the song necessarily helped me "fight" them, but it brought a lot of clarity.

How do you expect “Night Terrors” to impact other artists and listeners? What's next for you?

I'd love for anyone who has had intrusive thoughts of any kind, including but not limited to nightmares, to find some solace in this song. It's a song that screams, "GET OUT, I am STRONG," and we often need to send this message to our own minds. This song genre-wise is quite different for me, and playing it live has brought a lot of positive feedback, so my audience can expect to hear more of this sound from me shortly.


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