Greek Duo The Haneke Twins Show The Unity In Diverse Rock Music

The Haneke Twins consists of Stefanos Leontsinis (guitar) & Paschalis Vichoudis (vocals and bass guitar). Longtime friends, work colleagues and band-mates in a Greek indie rock group, they are two CERN scientists based in Switzerland that decided to form Haneke Twins in 2018. The EP was recorded in spring 2018 at Dudu Loft Studio in Athens, Greece. Haneke Twins released the idiosyncratic rock single “Climb”. The song starts off with a rapid fast-paced instrumental that captivates us completely. The drums and electric guitar strings set the notion for the song. The Haneke Twins allow us to enjoy it for a good 45 seconds before their unique vocals transition in. They’re displaying their natural skills and radiating off each other in the most blended and organic way possible. I’ve never listened to Greek rock music so it was interesting for me to dissect their culture, but also see how their styles is similar to the likes of rock music in the US. It shows the unity in the music culture as a whole despite the advent diversity apparent! You can listen to “Climb” here and also check out their other songs “Lost” and “Deep” on Spotify.

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