Greg Amici Takes a Turn with "Jennifer" Cover

Los Angeles artist Greg Amici has released a cover of the beautiful love ballad, "Jennifer", by Bert Sommer. The song itself is inspired by Sommer's love interest in the Hair musical, Jennifer Warren. Greg Amici truly does the cover justice with his integrative vocal persona. Listeners who are familiar with Greg Amici may be surprised by such affection behind the song's lyricism, as he is typically not one to create such gentle content.

This cover release by Greg Amici follows his LP release, Tragicomic. The LP was versatile in itself, and by comparison, quite different from what listeners received in the "Jennifer" cover. Nevertheless, both releases from Greg Amici were able to display his level of differentiation as an artist.

Such differentiation is also seen in the track's production, which was completed by James Mastro. The instrumentals powerfully integrated into "Jennifer" were lively and dazzling, creating a very impactful listening experience. Percussions and acoustics stole the productional show, and ultimately, Greg Amici conquered with his composed allure as a vocalist.

The cover of "Jennifer" is available now on streaming platforms. Add "Jennifer" to check out Greg Amici's new take on a sweet and gentle ballad.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Greg Amici. How did you feel following the release of your "Jennifer" cover, knowing the lyrical content differed from what you're used to singing? I feel great about it. The lyrics could be sung sweetly and affectionately and beautifully as Bert Sommer originally sang them. They reflect the zeitgeist of that time, and yet the song is timeless. I think there’s more desperation in my protagonist. It’s too good a song, to begin with, to follow the same route that Bert took it. Why bother?

Other than the lyrics, which element of your cover did you feel most challenged by as an artist? Did you feel you were widely out of your artistic comfort zone for this cover? No. Because musically, it’s right up my alley. There’s an airy, sailor’s chant quality somewhere in the music. And I love that vibe. And we milked that aspect of the tune. Are you inspired to release any other future covers from musical favorites of yours? Yeah, I want to do a bunch of them. But I have such a backlog of original material to record, that it’s tough to get to everything. We’re already working on the follow-up to the “Tragicomic” album before the former has even been officially released. But I do plan to get a least one cover in per album, as long as it fits into the general concept. What's one aspect of your sound that you felt grew in a different direction after finishing the cover of Sommer's "Jennifer?" It was one of the first songs Jim Mastro produced for me. I loved where he took it, and it sort of confirms that we were building on something. I think we’ve maintained that throughline in all of the subsequent material. What's next for you? We plan on releasing “Tragicomic” on CD in September. We’re also recording a follow-up album of songs I’d written years ago called, “Songs For the Lads To Sing.” Finally, I just wrote and recorded a single called “Ship Strike.” It’s about the plight of whales who meander into shipping zones and are consequently obliterated. I’m no good at preachy stuff, but I think it’s good to try to at least make people aware of the situation.