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Greg Hoy & The Boys Make The Ground Shake In, “Jet Black, Get Back!”

Just in time to celebrate their upcoming Build Back Bitter tour, Greg Hoy & The Boys release their flaming hot single and live performance music video entitled "Jet Black, Get Back!"

Greg Hoy has been turning heads in the music scene for over two decades. He and his fellow bandmates are dominating the independent rock scene by showing listeners the eternal nature of the classic rock genre. The band is currently starting their Build Back Bitter tour after its cancellation in 2020, and it's sure to be a wild ride.

If you're ready to experience the band's thrilling live performance, get a sneak peek of what to expect in their latest music video for "Jet Black, Get Back!"

Greg Hoy & The Boys offer this unique style as if the Black Keys and Cage The Elephant had a musical offspring. The song is a banger, and the boys' performance in their video is as invigorating as ever.

Expanding on the new music video for "Jet Black, Get Back!," the scene opens with Greg Hoy's boys ready to smack down on their instruments upon Hoy's cue. Just from the introduction's witty countdown, it's clear the band has quite a playful and quirky personality. After watching the rest of the video, we realize how that assumption is nothing but straight facts.

Greg Hoy puts on quite the spirited and charismatic performance alongside the guitarist's playful smile, the drummer's tightly-wound drum playing, and the bassist's head-banging groove. There sure is a ton of energy oozing out of that studio, and we can't wait to see it live in action on the Build Back Bitter tour.

Get to know the fiery stylings and wit of Greg Hoy & The Boys through their latest music video for "Jet Black, Get Back!," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Greg Hoy & The Boys. We're thrilled to feature such a lively and catchy tune like "Jet Black, Get Back!" What inspired your group to create this punchy single?

Why thank you for saying that! This collection of songs came as an homage to some of my favorite garage punk pop-rock bands — The Damned, The Cynics, The Stooges, The White Stripes, The Buzzcocks... basically all the 'The' bands. The phrase 'Jet Black, Get Back!' had been kicking around in my head for a bit. It's about keeping negativity away, and all the darkness that creeps into the culture. Of course, it also works as a double entendre about my crush on a girl in high school with dark hair!

Were there any themes or personality traits you wanted to get across in the "Jet Black, Get Back!" music video? How did you want viewers to perceive your band?

The video is about as 'us' as you can get! It was one long shot on my iPhone! Then I did some of the close-ups afterward and told the band to 'play in slow motion.' I'd say between shooting and editing it took a total of about 30 minutes, and most of that was waiting for my old computer to render the file!

It looks like your band had a ton of fun recording the music video for "Jet Black, Get Back!" What was that behind-the-scenes experience like?

Oh, fun is always my mantra. Any of the various rhythm sections that become honorary band members over the years will hopefully confirm this. This album and video actually feature the 'first' Boys backing band from the early 2000s. We recorded the album in a make-shift studio at bass player Ray's basement, where we also shot the video. I flew in from San Francisco with all my mics and went straight to Guitar Center. A pro-tip for any traveling or touring musician which maybe I shouldn't share: Guitar Center has a 30-day return policy. So anytime I fly into tour or record, I generally buy some stuff there locally, then return it before I leave. Viola! Free rental! Is your band influenced by any specific artists, sounds, or projects? Who does your group look up to?

There's so much great stuff in the world. The past year has been particularly fruitful. The new Jack White LP is magic. On tour, we were blasting equal parts Wet Leg and Led Zeppelin. I caught Idles on tour and have never been the same since. That Halsey movie slash video 'If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power' she made is epic. My next show is with my two new band crushes — Meredith Edgar, and La Dee Da both from the Bay area. There's a band called The Bye Bye Blackbirds here in northern California that makes incredible records. Spoon does no wrong. We watched the latest Jackass movie in LA while on tour and I gotta say I haven't laughed that hard in forever. And I caught ZZ Top last week from the front row (thank you for the hook-up, Loretta) so - being that close to Billy Gibbons who, at 72, still puts on one of the best shows in the business - made me literally weep with joy. What's next for you?

The next single and video of 'The Special Party' album are 'Carry Me Back Home.' We shot a lot of footage on tour as a 5 piece that will probably be in the finished product. We're performing some mellower 4-piece shows as 'Greg Hoy and his Band' in California. Then it's back to finishing a few albums worth of songs sitting on my hard drive to round out the rest of the year's recorded output. The beauty of doing it yourself is the cadence is all up to you. And in my case, sometimes that's also a curse because I tend to do a lot of stuff in a lot of places. I'm blessed with colleagues and family that support my ADHD monkey brain. Last week, I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and as I type these answers, I'm in Montana. Travel keeps my sanity in check. That and a lot of songwriting, videos, and merry-making.


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