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Greg P. The MC Continues to Fill in the Gaps Within Hip-Hop

Greg P. The MC is a Hip-Hop artist from Person that puts the final piece that's been missing in Hip-Hop. His style has an elegant flow, thoughtful instrumentation and thoughtfully structured lyrics that speak poetry. Greg P. The MC's music paints a vivid picture that reflects on who he is as a person; he speaks from the heart and always keeps it real with every lyric that he says.

Greg P. The MC's newest single "Coast 2 Coast" features Jay Illict and Zay Too Lit, who also produced the track."Coast 2 Coast" is an absolute banger of a tune, to say the least. "Coast 2 Coast" features hard-hitting drums, soothing calm synths, fresh melodic vocals, and a tight yet airy rap. Greg P. The MC's promise of speaking from the heart and keeping it real is kept with his vocal delivery. The instrumentation maintains a place where it gives a space for his lyrics to breathe and shine while also being heavy hitting. "Coast 2 Coast" has both an ambient atmosphere and an aggressive backbone that encompasses the story that Greg is paining; this tune is one that you'll be blasting in your car on your late-night drives home.

Listen to "Coast 2 Coast" here.

Hey there Greg! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're digging your latest single "Coast 2 Coast. What inspired songwriting and production? What did the whole process look like? I was taking singing lessons from Jay Illicit and I had a session with Zay Too Lit so I asked Jay to come along. As soon as Zay played a sound, Jay was a genius and told Zay what he should add to the beat. After Jay layed a hook and I wrote a verse to capture the triumph, will of fire feel to the song. Jay low key took my session but Im glad because we came out with something beautiful.

With your style bringing something fresh to the table, at what point did you realize that Hip-Hop was missing something? How would you describe it?  I feel like as I gotten older, I cared less about making the stereotypical lyrical miracle rap, and cared more about sharing my story with the people from the good, the bad, the deep thoughts I don't share often, and overall, what's sitting on my heart. And I feel like Hip Hop has been missing that from this new era. When you're writing fresh new lyrics, do you have a favorite spot that you like to write at? Any particular mindset you try to get in? Honestly when I'm writing I like to be somewhere comfortable, in front of my notebook (rare that I freestyle) and I'm usually in the mindset that; I want to have a well structured verse that will perfectly capture every aspect of the song direction.\ After finishing so many tunes, do you have any plans to play any shows in 2020? Do you have any other goals as an artist or even for Hip-Hop that you'd like to achieve? Yes!!! I intend to go to every event and show to push the song because I truly believe this song is ''THE ONE'' and that's my main goal; Capturing new listeners to tell my story so they can feel they have someone to relate to. What are your plans in the next few months Greg?

My plan is to just make music, create my Debut Album that I want to be the best it could be, and just save my money to take online courses. 

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