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Grimz Reeapa Is Aiming for the “Good Life”

Bringing back classic hip hop vibes, Grimz Reeapa released his single titled “Good Life”. “Good Life” is a layered song that intrigued us by Grimz Reeapa's intricate artistry. When Grimz Reeapa raps he not only raps with a sense of honesty, but his voice is individualistic and eccentric. Some artists don’t have a stand-out rap voice that is distinguishable, however, Grimz Reeapa has this unique delivery that makes his flow more polished. The lyrics in “Good Life” are not only relatable but raw and real. Grimz Reeapa discussed the theme of grinding for what you want. Sometimes life gets challenging, but you have to keep pushing and striving towards your goal, or in this case, the “Good Life”. The hook in “Good Life” gave a new dimension to the song.

Grimz Reeapa gave us a nice melody with a catchy phrase that will glue to our memories and have us singing along with him. He uses his real-life experiences and his love for hip-hop as an outlet to express himself in creative measures. “Good Life” will resonate well with many people who can relate to his struggle, but the production of the single is digestible enough for anybody who simply needs a vibe.

Listen to “Good Life” here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Grimz Reeapa! We loved your single “Good Life”. What inspired you to write this? 

Struggle and my ambition to acquire things I want and need to be made me write this song.

How would you describe the vibe of “Good Life”? 

It’s really mellow compared to my other tracks me pouring my heart out on this one.

Did you stumble upon any obstacles when creating “Good Life”? If so which?

No, it came is because I was really going through it so it was easier to pencil it down.

For someone just starting out, what advice would you give them?

I would just say it’s a long journey and if it’s what you wanna do NEVER GIVE UP and keep pushing.

Thanks for sharing Grimz Reeapa! What are you looking forward to next?

What I am looking for is to be able to feed my family with the music biz.



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