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Grinding His Way to the Top Stickman the President Will Persevere

Born and raised on the west coast of Los Angeles, Stickman the President has always been a fan of music. With a love for Hip-hop running through his veins, this emcee is proud to deliver his latest single “I Didn’t COME TO LOSE.”

Swaying in the wavy demesne of west coast sounds, Stickman the President hones in on a nostalgic hue of old school Hip-hop as he portrays a message of persevering through all the nonsense. His lyrical dexterity flexes his knack for wordplay as he addresses each bar with a hunger in his tone. Witty quips are Stickman the President’s forte as he divulges a vast array of lyricism in the smooth soundscape that is “I Didn’t COME TO LOSE.”

With the instrumentation placing emphasis on the colossal drum hits that make this a bass-heavy arrangement, we find that the tranquil elements radiated from the samples keep this song in a realm of easygoing tenors. Laidback with the overall composition, but never sloppy in the exertions he places into his artistry, Stickman the President navigates us through the undeniable efforts he transports through his music and ambitions to rise to the top.

We passively feel every word that he says as a focus on enunciation is strongly delivered as we hear more about the artist and individual before us. Known for the way he can finesse any beat that comes his way, we’re feasting on the authenticity that is showcased in Stickman the President’s veracity as he continues to establish his name.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Stickman the President, and congratulations on the release of “I Didn’t COME TO LOSE.” Being your first release of the year, what inspired you to make this your introduction to 2021?

Thank you, overall, after having a year to really sit back and reflect on my life throughout this pandemic; I got a chance to really analyze what I really wanted out of life and how I was going to go get it. Focus and commitment to myself and my dreams are my main priority, and I wanted to make that my focal point for the year. “I didn’t come to lose” is a very raw expression of just that. It’s very important to me to be myself, people respect that and relate to that, this is another reason I thought the song would be a good fit for my first single of the year.

In your own words, what does this single mean to you? What are you hoping that listeners take away from the messaging?

Keeping it real and being authentic to yourself is important to me. This song represents that as well as truly understanding what it means to stay distraction-free. Distractions come in many forms, people and society can be very influential; we have to see through all of the BS and keep it pushing. I’m hoping my listeners are understanding that I am all about progression and moving forward within myself. I want them to forget all that weird stuff and to focus and the real, nothing can stop an individual who truly knows who they are.

You pack a punch with the lyricism inserted into this track! What artists inspire the way that you style your music?

Making music is still very new to me as I started creating music in July of 2020, so I am studying much more now than ever. With that being said I don’t have many I style my music after in that regard. Some of the artists that I have been a fan of are Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Kanye Cassidy, and 2Pac.

How does “I Didn’t COME TO LOSE” tie into the direction that you’re taking your artistry?

I think “I Didn’t come to lose “really ties into the direction of my artistry simply because it’s just me, Rough, Raw, and honest. I don’t mind confronting people or situations in order to promote a healthier standard of living, healing, and moving the narrative forward. especially if it’s affecting me and where I am trying to go in life.

What's next for you?

That’s a tough question, but generally a lot more music, videos, interviews, and collabs. I think the world is ready for my style of music, so it’s very important to me to get myself out there and expand my fan base, as well speaking my truth and providing a more creative way to connect with my audience.



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