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Grinzo Kicks The Energy Up A Notch With, "Bingo"

Emmanuel Fray, professionally known as Grinzo, is a Canadian native. Born in North York, but raised in Rexdale, Grinzo became influenced by music at a young age with his mother teaching him how to play the piano. With Grinzo’s father being in the successful R&B/Gospel group, Selections, Grinzo’s world has been shaped by musical notes left, right, and center.

In the buoyant release of his most recent single, “Bingo,” Grinzo embraces the realm of the modern Hip-hop sound that is continuing to make turbulent waves through the industry. Approaching the mid-tempo vibrancy with affluence and poise, the instrumentation sheds anticipating tones that Grinzo lays his enigmatic flow over.

Pouring from a cup that is full to the brim with witty quips and extensive rhyme schemes, Grinzo flaunts his graceful nature through laid back verses that create an impact with the swagger placed in them. Taking the spotlight away from any emphasis that would be focused on articulation, Grinzo places his efforts into the magnetic tonal distinction performed as we gravitate towards his unique stylings.

With an unmatched work ethic and hunger in his expressions, Grinzo’s lyrical motif of, “build up the block like it’s Play-Doh, stacking it up like it’s Lego,” has us seeing the drive that he exudes so effortlessly.

As Grinzo sets the hype for, “Bingo,” it’s easy for his audience to fall into the spellbinding charm that seeps from his musical creations. Painting vivid imagery in his sonic canvas’, Grinzo has us willing to match his energy for the next release we get the pleasure of hearing.

Congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “Bingo.” Could you please share a glimpse of what your inspiration looked like when creating, “Bingo”? What is the meaning placed behind the title of the song?

My inspiration for the song "Bingo" was the beat at first. It's a bit different than the beats I usually jump on. The bass is has a really nice thump to it so right away I started dancing. Then ideas started to form within minutes. The meaning behind the title "Bingo" came about when I started thinking about a chant, or lullaby vibe. Something just made me think about the nursery "Bingo was his name-o." With music truly making its mark on your immediate family, do you find similarities in the way that your family approaches their craft compared to the way that you approach yours? I find many similarities in the way that my family approaches their craft compared to the way that I approach mine because I started a family business that involves us all, daily. By having them involved we have a very similar approach to a lot of things. Could you take us into what the recording session was like when recording, “Bingo”? Do you have a team with you that helps bring your songs to life? My favorite part of the artistic journey is creating. I make beats as well so I find myself writing to every single beat I make. Even if the beat isn't for me, the lyrics I write I can just make another beat for. plus make the cover and shoot the video all in the house.

so overall it's the control aspect for me.

What happens to be your favorite part of the artistic journey? While recording this song I was alone. I have a team but sometimes I like to record alone for the first process of the song. I also edit, mix, and master myself.

What can we expect to see next from you?

What to expect next from me is at least 1 video and song release per month, nonstop music and videos, so get ready and stay tuned. The world isn't ready for Great Grinzo.

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